Sep 22/19
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Posted Nov 15/17 - Academy Showcase Event

Wednesday April 25,2018 pre NFL Draft Texas Football League game event.

The TFL presents is a league special showcase event,the game will feature the Dallas Vaqueros verses the Fort Worth Bulls.

The game would take place pre 2018 NFL Draft day to be in the AT&T stadium, there will be lots of event's taking place around the Dallas Ft.Worth area around the draft, the TFL showcase will allow the public and other professional leagues the opportunity to see two RFDL/TFL academy teams play using adjusted rules,the league features no punting nor kickoff's extra points.

These rules are being tested with data research during the season on the number of concussions and other injuries that could be reduced by eliminating  player contact,  being a prospect professional development league, adjusted rules and other research opportunities can be introduced as part of the training and game system.

The game will use 12 minute quarters, indoor football veteran coach Roderic Boatman will lead the Fort Worth Bulls.

Professional league coaches will attend the game, alone with professional league front office representitives, the concept of an academy developmental league has been discussed as one model that could be further developed.

Game time and location are TBA ,the teams represent two of the original teams of the Texas Football League the Fort Worth Braves (Bulls) and Dallas Rockets (Vaqueros) will renew the DFW bragging rights battle.


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