Sep 25/20
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Monthly Newsletter of the Regional Development Football League





~~Regional Development Football League
Tier 1 Elite Junior Level Combine 21u Football Services and Gno Metric Analytics Report
Player physical attributes are tested and measured in the following areas. (Kickers & Punters do not perform test 1-4)
40 yard dash- Each player is timed twice, only the best time is used for scoring and it is filmed.
225lbs. Bench Press- Each player performs as many repetitions as possible.
20 Yard short shuttle- Players timed twice once to left and once to right again the drill is filmed.
Vertical Jump- Player jumps twice highest jump is scored.
Height- Measured to an eighth of an inch.
Weight- Measured within 1/2 pound.

Minimum Pro Standards
Grades at the Regional Development Football League are based on an 8-10 scale the table below assigns classification to each of the three grade ranges.
Grade-8.00-8.99 Player meets minimum pro standard – [Pro Prospect]
Grade-9.00-10 Player significantly exceeds minimum pro standard- [Pro Player]
Below are the Regional Development Football League minimum standards by position


Skill Position Players
QB                                         RB              WR/Slot        TE/H-Back        DB
Height 6’0                           5’8              5’8                  6’3                     5’11
Weight 210                        190              170                 230                    180
40 Yd Dash 4.89                4.59             4.52                4.85                   4.53
Short Shuttle 4.5               4.35             4.29                4.55                   4.29
Bench 225lbs 10                12                 10                   18                       10              
Vertical Jump 28                30                 30                   28                       30

OLB                                      ILB               DE                OL/DT
Height 6’1                           6’0               6’3                6’3/6’1 (NT, C)
Weight 230                         245              275                280
40 Yd Dash 4.79                 4.79             4.89               5.1
Short Shuttle 4.50              4.50             4.60              4.79            
Bench 225lbs 18                  18                20                 24
Vertical Jump 28                  28                26                 24



Grade Categories
A player’s height/weight and performance in the four physical tests determine the score in the four athletic test grades; Size, Speed, Quickness and strength.
Athletic Grades
Size- Height and Weight____
Speed- Best 40 time____
Quickness- Both short shuttle times____
Strength- Bench press and vertical jump____
Position Grades
QB- Arm strength, Accuracy, Feet, Technique ____
RB, FB, WR/Slot TE/H-Back-Hands, pass routes____
LB,DB-Feet, coverage___
Linemen- Feet, Technique___
Final Grade
FTG-Final Test Grade____
FPG-Final Position Grade____
FTG-Average of four athletic grades (size, speed, quickness, strength)
FPG-Average of the two position grades (four for QB’S)

There will be a Timed 20 yard sprint for all positions football is really only played within 20 yards while the 40 time has been the comparison mark for players the 20 time is where most positions impact the game. There will also be 10 yard split times conducted.

The Combine 21U testing event will be held indoors on turf at the North Texas Event Center, in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.

With the southern testing center being in Houston,Texas.





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