Sep 25/20
2:33 pm

Monthly Newsletter of the Regional Development Football League





21U while being a news and information outlet for the RDFL it also is itself a media information internet based nonprofit organization.

The overall mission of 21U is based upon the following profile for Branding and developing a brand .

1. Think about who you are. What makes you different and unique?

2.Set clear goals, what do we want to achieve? Why do you want to achieve it, finally be very specific .

3. Evaluate strengths and weaknesses. (Strengths,Weaknesses,Opportunities and Threats.) in business known as SWOT Analysis be honest with the assessment of these in the marketplace coaches are asked to conduct a honest analysis of each player so the report and information seen will be reported on 21U as correct.

4. Setting a course our course is simple recruit players who fit the profile of the RDFL Scout Camp Combine and reporting that information here on 21U the mission and vision is where we want the players to go on to professional leagues or business and employment.

5.Finally Value propositions and Branding (Become a student of the business) by understanding these skills we hope to give players an understanding of how to aquire and use the skills for personal brand use that will help land their next job.

6. Overall assessment is a short series of questions

1.If you participate how does it affect your brand/change.

2. Is it what I want?

3. Will it help achieve the ultimate goal.

The physical mission of the RDFL/ Texas Football League is to develop young football players over a semester year 15-18 weeks through game on field play instructional training technique and skill development, proper eating to help the body perform at it's highest level possible. Alone with mental technique's needed to showcase the players athletic ability , through multi media platforms promotion of players coaches etc.  

21u is a multi media promotional platform for developing prospect talent

We are a nonprofit 501c7 organization promoting and fostering athletic competition and development of junior level sports .


“For a young man, no matter how good, to ‘set his sights’ on making a career in the NFL without planning for an alternative way to make a living is as unrealistic as walking into a Las Vegas casino with $10 and ‘planning’ on a $50,000 winning.” — Chuck Conners, former director of player personnel, Miami Dolphins


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