Sep 23/20
4:30 pm

Monthly Newsletter of the Regional Development Football League





The Player Development Contract !

What is a player development contract?

It is used within minor sports that operate in a relationship structure, players are assessed by a professional level organization as to future talent that is developed or being developed for a possible opportunity to perform at the next level of the sport.

The TIFL/ AI1 academy operate's as a Tier 1 level class A rookie developmental skills player development school program specific to finding prospect or pro ready talent, the league uses a (Contract To Hire) system instead of the current model used in other sports that contract in this type of system it puts less burden on the current system in Arena/Indoor football the infrasture just isn't there yet.

We're building that infrasture, with the vision of developing a base for the sport, the league is currently in talks with organizations who understand this is a much needed tool for the sport, (A Letter of Intent)

Establishes the organizational relationship starting point allowing players within the guideline's of the academy league to take that first step into the sports next level.


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