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The Texas Football League

Brief History of Professional Football In Texas

The Texas Football League existed from 1968-1970, the league's biggest supporter was Tommy Mercer who also owned the Fort Worth Braves and the Dallas/Fort Worth Spurs minor league baseball team also known as the Cats.

He and Lamar Hunt owner of the Kansas City Chiefs co-owned the Spurs baseball team, but Hunt was not involved with the Braves football organization.

The Texas Football League also sometimes refferred to as the Texas Professional Football League was a minor league, its teams joined the Continental Football League a national league that had its sight on competing with the newly merged AFL/NFL the Continental league was originally formed as a minor pro league, but its teams sought to become a rival to the NFL, In 1965 the Continental league had hopes of being a counterpart football league when it added the Texas Football League as a division.

It bid for the services of O.J. Simpson an offer of $400,000.00 was made to O.J. but he opted to sign with the Buffalo Bills for $1.1 million in 1969.

The Rebirth of The Texas Football League

This reboot of The Texas Football League under the Regional Development Football League Academy Institute a professional development school to develop technical skills and knowledge of the sport of football, coaching and many of the other industries surrounding the sport in a support role.

Such as analytical statistical data collection and use of the information, media arts supporting roles for broadcasting in new media usage, and many other positions in professional level sports.

We are a non-credit level learning institute, there are no credits offered for further educational opportunities but instead a learning environment meant for hands on training and curriculum study and assessment through testing and knowledge based usage of that skill within the academy setting of learning the skills used for professional football.

The RDFL Academy Institute/ The Texas Football League

School of Special Instructions and Training In the sport of Football

The subject of football an avocational recreational subject designed to teach and development of a career skill.

Under the Texas Education Code Title 3 and Texas Workforce Commission Section 132.005 (9) Sports   will feature the teams and player stat information, while supporting the established news outlets of the RDFL Academy Institute, 21u and the State Of Texas newsletter the official out source of The Texas Football League.




The Regional Development Football League Academy and TFL operates as a junior level tier 1 minor league academy institute for players age 21U who either attend community college or a vocational school and work either part time or full time, Udacity or teamtreehouse would be a great online education stop to develop computer skills such as software debugging intelligence for robotics, coding and many other computer aided skills that will continue to develop for the future employment opportunities after the athletic journey they are encouraged to take a close look at 84 Lumber the company offers a management training program open to any one but can be a great opportunity for those student's just leaving high school who may not wish to enter the college system but would like the opportunity at a great job with future advancement growth, the company is named after the city Eighty Four Pennsylania , Our focus on developing players through instructional teaching/coaching and classroom session over one intense season to move forward with their athletic pro ready or prospect skill set to higher levels of professional play. We require that the player have some type of work, in order to help develop the habits needed to continue his growth as a person in the workplace. The player will be pushed to reach his maximum athletic ability over the course of a total 10 game experience within the RDFL academy institute each  season consist of a 10 game Spring schedule and a 4 game national international Fall schedule and players can be released if not reaching attainable goals set by the player and the league staff . We foster continued growth and understanding of the sport while also promoting international education and friendship through the sport of football by domestic and International play.


Business Name Analysis

Brief Description of company name-Texas Football League

Many companies conduct such name analysis attempting to find a mixture that will protray the business purpose, strength and identification possiblities to the public.

The TFL -name analysis proposes a business which will have success and financial accumulation,influence and ability to understand where and when to spend necessary funds when needed.

Policy that will benefit volunteer's interns and employee's without overestimating resources, while creating an environment that is active, expansive verbally expressive and good natured atmosphere without duress,arrogance or sarcasm.

It must not over spend creating financial difficulties before a solid foundation for growth can be obtained,the name does bring a certain level of success if it can contain the tendency to over spend or use systems that could stress its operational procedures.


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