Sep 23/20
6:41 pm

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All coaches within the RDFL are certified and are CPR,First Aid, Concussion Awarness Training ,Health and Safety, Off. Def. Schemes Concepts understanding,Terminolgy. etc.

The program offers trainer introduction to coaching for coaches the 6 month Avocational Recreational subject is a development of career skill course designed to teach.




There are four types of coaches... The salesman, the intimidators, the intellectuals and the teachers.  And here we will break them down by four character traits we will use to try and describe their differences.


This type of coach will get players to believe that he knows what he is doing, gets players to buy in, which can result in high execution.

Knowledge - This type of coach can be limited in his football IQ.  He can use a distraction away from that fact.  He will at times NOT recruit players with a higher football IQ or strong self-assured personalities.

Chemistry - This type of coach usually has a great relationship with the majority of his players.  He's very talkative to better psychoanalyze his players to make it easier to maintain their faith in him.  Players often think of this coach as hip and cool.

Work Ethic - This style coach is too busy being hip and cool, to get better.  He's a hustler, but without all the skillset of one.... 

Results - This coach CAN win games.  Because he has everybody buy into the system. Players will play for him. 


 This type of coach is the bully coach.  Ignorant players often believe that this is what a coach is supposed to look like.

Knowledge - This type of coach has a limited tolerance.  He depends on getting the most out of his players by intimidation and will NOT recruit players with higher football IQs or strong self-assured personalities. 

Chemistry - No one will like this coach.  Some players will respect him, but no one will like him.

Work Ethic - This coach will simply bully his team.  Assistant coaches and staff will all be less likely to suggest options.

Results - This coach CAN win games.  However, the bully in him will keep the team torn into groups less likely to support the team concept.


This type of coach sees everything as a simple puzzle from a neurotic perspective.  This coach does not get overly emotional about things.  He's not scared of losing but expects to win because he knows how to win.

Knowledge - This type of coach has a high football IQ and expects everyone to always try to improve themselves.  He often commits lengthy amounts of time and money to his craft and is constantly learning deep into the variables of the subject matter.

Chemistry - This coach is the disliked and liked within the coaching personalities due to his interest in improving players.  Great coordinators, who have some difficulty as a head coach.  He sees players as a puzzle and works to improve them, which often makes leaders within the team take on group leadership roles.  In a professional environment with mature players, this coach can excel.

Work Ethic - This coach works until he finds solutions.  This coach possesses the highest work ethic of any personality and even considers knowledge as part of the prize.

Results - Above all, this coach knows how to win.  And has the mindset of a coordinator type and a head coach, this coach knows how to evaluate opponents, prepare and game plan for victory.



  A teacher coach is also very strong in one of the other personality types.

Knowledge - Usually has a good to great football IQ.  Continues to get better with experience.  His strength is in his ability to teach the methods and game plans where players can understand and execute.

Chemistry - A teacher personality is usually a father figure.  He usually maintains both a good relationship with players as well as respect from them.  Players will usually leave it all on the field for this type of coach.

Work Ethic - The teacher coach has a casual work flow making it look easy.  The teacher learns more by experience so his work ethic is good, but prefers the experience of game days.

Results - This is one of the most valued type of coach.  If you search the history of football at any level, the most productive coaches in history were teachers.  Teachers may be salesman, teachers may be intimidators, but as long as they are a teacher victory comes often.

When you consider a potential head coach you might play for, consider what you will gain from that coach.  Will you lose a year of football playing for a mediocre team?  Will you spend a year being treated badly by a bully coach under the context of a false prestige?  What are you going to do with football after it's done with you?  Will you learn from an intellectual because someday you would like to be an X's & O's mastermind?  Or maybe you would like to learn the communication skills of a good teacher, so that someday you could be a good teacher of the game?

What does the game of football offer you?





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