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Posted Dec 4/16 - RDFL Lab 1 Classroom





Are you satisfied with your work?

But perhaps the better question is: are you engaged with your work?


Engagement is an emotional state where passion, feeling energetic and committed to your work is involved.

Which in turn will cause you to fully invest your best effort.

Hearts, spirit and mind into the work.

Engagement is a two part process, that will involve feeling and doing.

Satisfaction on the other hand takes into account one process, and that is feeling.

What we want to encourage is the feeling and willingness to act.

Four rules of thumb are as follows;

  1. Autonomy- Independence as of will or actions.

  2. Growth- The act or process of development, gradual increase.

  3. Impact- Influence, effect

  4. Connection- The act of cause and effect association relationship, a state of being connected.

The expectations are fully aligned with the experience, the environment in which engagement can occur, when they are not aligned the entire focus will divert to a transactional (this for that) relationship.

This concept is about setting mutual expectations and aligning those expectations to the experience.


Posted Nov 14/16 - 2017 Exhibition Series

A proposed 2018 professional football league with an exclusive sort of Texas twist on it, will play a series of games before the RDFL Texas Football League Texas Renegades professional academy development team.

In 1934 Stephen Epler created six man football, Texas started playing the game in 1938 and today the state has six man football in the junior high and high school levels throughout the state and other states in the united states.

A professional version of the sport will began play in 2018, with some adjusted rules the game is wide open and fast paced, the 1938 game introduced to Texas at the high school level was played between Prairie Lea and Martindale in the Spring of 1938.

A short version of the game play, it allows for all players to receive the ball making the game wide open and high scoring non stop action, a three game series will showcase the game to an audience of RDFL academy game day attendance, the high school game is played in ten states, no set number of professional six man teams are announced yet.

And plans are to maintain the core grouping of organizations in Texas which has over 230 plus high school teams, making the sport unique as a sport product to the state, a two year proof of concept trial will be used to gage the opportunities for what will be a niche sport.

The league website and other related infrastructure are currently in building process, the exhibition game series will be played in three locations one being Cleburne,Texas the home base of the Texas Renegades academy professional development 21u team.

The six man football professional sport is being developed for a particular type of athlete,there will be a good mixture of quickness, size speed potential players will be tested in a combine setting and must meet standard's required for the position.

Posted Sep 22/16 - League Series Launch

A season series production based upon a behind the scene look at preparation and decisions made leading into each contest, players progress and coaches struggles, based around the entire league instead of simply following one team. The entire academy school will be the target. 

Entitled RDFL The Academy, the production will start taping at the combine 21 and follow the first class through the conditioning cycle into and through those who grade out as prospect or pro ready talent for professional level advancement for training camp and season play.

As well as those who will be held over for the RDFL Lab 1 Classroom, the series is planned for local TV but could go national as talks are being conducted with interested parties.

Posted Jul 26/16 - Players Energy Boosting


Energy Fruits and Vegetables

PL Chang


Plant foods such as fruit and vegetables are great sources of energy because they absorbed sunlight directly and stored the energy as starches. Starch is one of the body’s primary source of complex carbohydrates. In order to obtain the most amount of energy from plant foods, you need to eat the ones that are organically grown. Also, eat them fresh and choose the ones that are bright in color.

Fruit and vegetables are full of essential minerals, proteins, fiber, complex carbs and many other important nutrients for increasing your energy and health. When shopping for fruits and vegetables, buy the ones that are organic because they are not treated with pesticides. Otherwise, make sure you wash the fruits before eating them.

Fruits and vegetables health benefits

  • Most fruits and vegetables are rich in essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. For boosting energy, choose fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in magnesium, B vitamins and coenzyme Q10.
  • Fruits and vegetables are often high in fiber, which is important for lowering unhealthy cholesterol levels, preventing colon cancer and detoxing toxins in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Fruits and vegetables are full of health enhancing phytochemicals. These natural chemicals play an important role for boosting the immune system. Fruits and vegetables are also full of enzymes, which are helpful for helping your body to digest food.
  • If you want to lose weight, eating a lot of fruits and vegetables will help you shed some body fat, because they are low in calories and high in energy boosting nutrients.

You should try to eat at least 2 servings of fruits and 3 servings of vegetables per day, more is even better. Doing this will increase your energy and health because your body will be nourished with the right nutrients. If you want to stay healthy, at least 50 percent or more of your calories should come from organic plant foods. Whenever possible, eat them raw because cooking them will destroy a good portion of their nutrients.

With all that said, here are six edible fruits that will provide stable energy safely.

(1) Apples are highly regarded for several reasons. They are hardy and don't spoil quickly unrefrigerated. They are higher in fiber than most other fruits as well, and they contain several other basic nutrients.

Some nutritional experts point out that the energy from apples sticks around a little longer than most other fruits. Conventionally produced apples rank high in the "dirty dozen" list of sprayed produce. So stick with organic.

(2) Bananas boost energy with a good amount of potassium, which is good for maintaining membrane potential, a stimulus response that enables muscles to contract. Very important for the heart. Organic is better, but not as vital as it is for apples. Bananas are in the "clean 15" list.

(3) Strawberries provide an excellent energy boost too. But the most toxic pesticides are used on them. They have to be organic.

(4) Pineapples made the "clean 15" list, and they can give you a good energy boost. Just try to purchase Mexican pineapples to avoid playing GMO roulette with Costa Rican and Hawaiian pineapples.

Not all Hawaiian and Costa Rican pineapples are GMO, but there are enough to contaminate non-GMO or organic pineapples.

(5) Papaya can give you and energy boost and improve your digestion if you eat the seeds, but the same regional GMO advice for pineapples applies to papaya.

(6) Oranges provide a lot of energy and vitamin C. Don't buy and consume juices, however, especially those generated from concentrates. It's best to eat the complete wedges from a freshly peeled orange.



 Vegetables should be an athlete’s best friend. Add as many as possible to
your diet depending on what is in season. In the fall, root veggies like carrots
and parsnips are in season – as well as sweet veggies like yams and sweet
potatoes. In the spring, green vegetables like broccoli, asparagus, and spinach
are in season. If you don't have a lot of time, making a stir-fry with your favorite
veggies is the best way to get in those 5-9 servings each day.


Green leafy vegetables are not only high in energy, but they are also great if you are trying to lose weight. The two green leafy vegetables that will be able to provide you with the most energy are cabbage and spinach.


There are a lot of reasons why fruit is good for you, including the fact that it is able to provide you with a lot of energy. The fruits that are able to provide you with the most energy include:

  • bananas
  • pineapple
  • strawberries
  • < >

    For a long time, pasta has been regarded as a staple food that is able to supply your body with the energy that you need. However, you should only eat an amount of pasta that is proportionate to the level of activity that you will be doing, otherwise you will gain weight from eating too much of it. Opt for the whole grain and whole wheat varieties.

As a general rule any green vegetable is insanely good for you. The green stuff packs a powerful punch. Spinach, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Romaine Lettuce, Broccoli and the like have some of the highest levels of nutrients. If you already eat these things on a daily or weekly basis, try as hard as you can to eat a lot more. This will help boost your energy level. If you have a salad bar at work or near work, making spinach the base of the salad is an easy step.

RDFL academy players are required to do everything possible to increase opportunities to advance, eating fruits and other foods that increase energy on game day for an edge is included in the processes.

Posted Jul 25/16 - Teams and League Announcement

The RDFL Academy Institute, this is the educational arm within the concept the RDFL Lab 1 Classroom falls within this section.

All the technical training and classroom session operate under the RDFL academy institute, coaches training and processes through educational training are used curriculum content all fall under this system.

The league will operate as The Texas Football League this is the game schedule section, the history of the league name goes back to the 1960's and early 70's and was part of a bigger league that once attempted to take on the NFL in the early formation merger period between the AFL/NFL.

The Texas Renegades will operate and base in Cleburne,Texas where a new 2500 seat stadium is currently under construction and expected to open in March of 2017. Other team points will be announced shortly initially 12 teams will form the base over a period of time, later to eventually host 18 teams.

A meeting held on July 18,2016 between league representives and former Superbowl MVP Pittsburg Steelers player Santonio Holmes on ownership opportunities went well Holmes and his finanical people had plenty of questions, and left the meeting satisfied with the overall concept and business plan.

Holmes use to being number one in endeavor's he has interest in, took this same approach with his engagement within the RDFL academy institute.

He and a number of other current and former players have interest in the concept and developing athletes, The TFL will not attempt to build the entire product in one season and has a plan for long term development, interest in the league is coming in from a lot of different camps and what makes this significant is the league isn't initiating the contact points.

While there is still a lot of work to do, the RDFL academy will simply tend to its business and are not attempting or interested in generating large scale media or fan interest after all, how much attention is disired by a development academy program in it's early building stages and considering this is a non- commercial venture.

There are set numbers in place to strive for and hit during a fiscal cycle, and if those are obtained the data will dictate how well growth and scale opportunities are moving into the future and proof of concept detailed in the data.




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