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Posted Jan 18/17 - Metrics of The O-line

Linemen as every fan knows make or break any level team, without those guys nothing else works no matter how well it looks on paper.

The RDFL academy TFL and Gno Metrics Analytical will track line play by the quarters, this information is usually discussed by the position coach on film day. Usually followed by some words critical of the player from a coach sense we are a developmental academy correcting flaws during the game process and attacking those flaws of opposing players within the line structure will be part of the game experience for those attending the game as well.

Using technology the in game experience will be fully explored from the fan perspective as coaches will see the same information displayed to those fans who will be able to receive the message analyzing the metrics of a lineman in game.

The 12 offensive line metrics and grade's of the line play by quarters will be used to adjust game play by the coach, taking advantage of a players repeated flaws in game time instead of display and discuss afterwards. This system will allow the coaches and fans to physically and instantly see what line players are doing quarterly by the numbers not the hype of one great play.


Posted Jan 5/17 - The NFL Conundrum

This question based upon NFL scouts and others answers stating that they have a hard time with evaluations of players in the spread.

The Conundrum in this is held within the meaning of the word a confusing riddle, take a look at some of the response answers offered as to why the college game is not producing the type of players the NFL says it wants.

San Francisco 49'ers general manager Trent Baalke said- The college game is quite a bit different than the game we play, especially on the line of scrimmage.

Its harder and harder for professional scouts to evaluate how players will adjust to the more traditional offenses that are still dominate the NFL.

Oakland Raiders coach Jack Del Rio- There is a little bit of development once you get to the league.

You're still getting big,strong, talented young men with feet to move and ability to play.

But maybe their development isn't as far along as was when colleges were more closely aligned with what we're doing in the NFL.

Arizona Cardinal coach Bruce Arians- We're having to teach things we've never had to teach before.

The athletes are much, much better, but fundamentals are worse than they've ever been.

Tampa Bay general manager Jason Licht- Is there ever going to be a day a developmental league might rival college football.

As a scouting option for the NFL, I think it would be pretty beneficial for all of us.

All of us "obviously doesn't include the college game.

Conundrum almost sounds like a problem with the NFL not wanting to adapt to a changing game, while the NFL is saying it would like to cut down on some level of contact because of concussion concerns, coaches still want hard blocking on the line, with most of the action being confined to a small area, while the game of today at the college level is being played utilizing the entire field, this moves game away from weight into the magic word of athleticism.

Now this could be a good thing, think of it this way the best talent evaluator and teaching coaches will win games, simply because all of the work will not have been done already, and in a time when the game is moving into being able to teach future coaches who can't teach would be odd man out.

Dropping TV ratings even on Sunday's suggest the game will change one way or another,the marketplace will be the driver.




Posted Dec 14/16 - NFL to Present formal proposals for a developmental league in 2017

Troy Vincent, the NFL's head of football operations, said his department is prepared to make recommendations for a developmental league or in-season academy. The league will begin the formal process of meeting with the Competition Committee, coaches and NFLPA after the season.

Vincent has long been among those staunchly supporting the need for additional practice and/or games for young NFL players, and also as a means to further develop coaches and referees.

Vincent's charge has been to put forth proposals he believes owners ultimately would be willing to support financially and otherwise, as a considerable per-team investment may be necessary.

This particularly holds true for a spring league that would consist of players likely with three years' or less experience.

Vincent also has done exhaustive studies of creating an in season academy that would train a valuable talent base-players not under contract who get workouts and jobs through the season-that would run from final cuts until November. He has consulted with existing academies and is considering options of having more than one official NFL in-season academy around the country. Vincent declined to comment on specific options he will present to the Competition Committee and coaches, but sources indicated they are both in-season and out of season in nature.

We have some viable potential options that are ready to share with the Competition Committee, the coaches subcommittee and with some of our active and former players. "Our goal is to create a platform that addresses the entire football community-coaches,officials, front office personnel and players--.

Given the overtly positive remarks I've received from owners on down when asking about the need for a developmental league, and the current climate and amount of time Vincent and his charges have spent on the topic, I would expect some action to be taken on it in 2017, perhaps as soon as the spring meeting.

A sampling of thought on the subject

Cowboys owner Stephen Jones " It is a concept that could check all those boxes we often talk about- diversity,officiating,developing coaches,player development, experimenting with rules and technology.

Steelers owner Art Rooney II: " it's something we have to really look at and address, whether it's a spring league or some other way.

Saints coach Sean Payton:" One in which the club can call on it any time to infuse a player into their roster midstream, and just as importantly, clubs can call on employees other than players, there are a number of things it gives you.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh:' John Madden has got me convinced that it would be great for football,it would be great for the game of football. 

Jason La Canfora

Posted Dec 4/16 - RDFL Lab 1 Classroom





Are you satisfied with your work?

But perhaps the better question is: are you engaged with your work?


Engagement is an emotional state where passion, feeling energetic and committed to your work is involved.

Which in turn will cause you to fully invest your best effort.

Hearts, spirit and mind into the work.

Engagement is a two part process, that will involve feeling and doing.

Satisfaction on the other hand takes into account one process, and that is feeling.

What we want to encourage is the feeling and willingness to act.

Four rules of thumb are as follows;

  1. Autonomy- Independence as of will or actions.

  2. Growth- The act or process of development, gradual increase.

  3. Impact- Influence, effect

  4. Connection- The act of cause and effect association relationship, a state of being connected.

The expectations are fully aligned with the experience, the environment in which engagement can occur, when they are not aligned the entire focus will divert to a transactional (this for that) relationship.

This concept is about setting mutual expectations and aligning those expectations to the experience.


Posted Nov 14/16 - 2017 Exhibition Series

A proposed 2018 professional football league with an exclusive sort of Texas twist on it, will play a series of games before the RDFL Texas Football League Texas Renegades professional academy development team.

In 1934 Stephen Epler created six man football, Texas started playing the game in 1938 and today the state has six man football in the junior high and high school levels throughout the state and other states in the united states.

A professional version of the sport will began play in 2018, with some adjusted rules the game is wide open and fast paced, the 1938 game introduced to Texas at the high school level was played between Prairie Lea and Martindale in the Spring of 1938.

A short version of the game play, it allows for all players to receive the ball making the game wide open and high scoring non stop action, a three game series will showcase the game to an audience of RDFL academy game day attendance, the high school game is played in ten states, no set number of professional six man teams are announced yet.

And plans are to maintain the core grouping of organizations in Texas which has over 230 plus high school teams, making the sport unique as a sport product to the state, a two year proof of concept trial will be used to gage the opportunities for what will be a niche sport.

The league website and other related infrastructure are currently in building process, the exhibition game series will be played in three locations one being Cleburne,Texas the home base of the Texas Renegades academy professional development 21u team.

The six man football professional sport is being developed for a particular type of athlete,there will be a good mixture of quickness, size speed potential players will be tested in a combine setting and must meet standard's required for the position.


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