Sep 25/20
2:20 pm

Monthly Newsletter of the Regional Development Football League






What is the Development Academy?

The RDFL/AI1 development academy provides education,skills development ,resources and support that will impact the enviroments that will develop professional class athletes.

The Academy's programming philosophy is based on increased training, classroom sessions and limited total games that must be competitive games.

The Academy connects professional coaches with Academy teams to develop and identify pro ready and prospect talented players, and coaches for future opportunities.

Each Academy team will be evaluated at least 10 times each year, and each Academy team will receive at (minimum) (2) formal evaluations that provides feedback in (10) categories each year.

Lab 1 Classroom coaching education department works closely with the skills development Academy teams to ensure all technical staff meet the minimum requirements set by the RDFL/AI1 Development Academy.

To maintain a focus on training and skills development RDFL/AI1 Academy players and coaches after combine 21 enter a pre season 6 week conditioning and training cycle, alone with Lab1 Classroom sessions followed by the training camp cycle for season play.

Can Academy Teams schedule (Friendly) games during the Academy season?

Academy teams schedule (Friendly) games within the season schedule,to provide players a heightened development experience, all Academy standards and guidelines are adhered to during competition.

Tryout for RDFL Academy

Anyone 23u and under can attend the Combine 21u tryout free of charge, check the requirement standards for pro ready and prospect talent posted in Combine 21u information box, to receive an invite into the academy prospect must grade within highest grades suggesting prospect has professional level talent.

Once accepted as a professional level prospect,the player will receive an offer to enter the RDFL academy institute and start the six weeks training and conditioning program that includes classroom sessions.

The program is a skills career development trades program of non accredited teaching and training technical skills development of jobs within the industry of professional football and related industry skills.



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