Jun 14/21
6:46 pm

Monthly Newsletter of the Regional Development Football League





The RDFL Tier 1 21u level football academy school institute and league operates as a highly competitive AAA amateur academy football academy development organization, the franchise/ license fee that each member academy must agree to fulfill guideline rules and regulations in order for its license to rollover into the next season .

Any violations in regard to the regulations and rules is considered a breach and will cause the franchise/ license fee to default and not rollover as part of the yearly annual fee and member will re-apply the total fee for full membership an associate member license fee does not rollover.

No license will be issued until year 3 of this operating venture this will allow for all possible situations or possible set back's or proof of concept problems can be addressed within the operating system. When more academy programs are added there will be a limited amount of possible academy programs.

The RDFL operates as a non commercial nonprofit organization all efforts are directed toward development of potential pro ready athletes for the sport of professional football.

Today's football offer more available talent than years ago. Players are bigger, stronger and faster, some of the talent sitting outside of professional football are even better athletes than pros of days past.  This abundance of talent, football journey ends because of a lack of football outlets to pursue the sport as a career.

The TFL acts as a governing body, and maintains structure. Each academy team operates according to licenses agreement regulation among the franchisee member academy teams.

The Texas Football League, is professionally structured and managed, and is measured by production.


Franchised businesses are almost in every industry, before you consider entering into a franchise here are some Pros and Cons .

When you buy into the RDFL Academy Institute as a franchise licensee we the company or franchisor licenses its trademark or business methods to you the franchisee in exchange for recurring payment,or percentage of gross sales or in this case a fixed fee. The franchisee opens the academy in an agreed upon location by both parties or it can be determined by the RDFL during the start-up period the franchisee will have direct assistance from the RDFL until satisfied the franchisee has the knowledge to understand the business as determined within the operating guide of the RDFL which governs the relationship between the franchisee and franchisor RDFL . This operating guide outlines the rules the franchisee will operate, once the RDFL issues a license it will allow the franchisee to operate within a proven business model expected to scale .

Finally in order to help franchisee find out if the RDFL Academy Institute is a good fit we suggest that the franchisee ask theselves some simple questions.

1. What type of financial goals ? do you want the franchise to give back to you?

2. What are you good at?

3. What do you want to avoid in business?

4. Do you want to be owner- operator?

5. Semi- absentee?

6. Do you want to build it for resale?

7. Do you have the funds to pay for the franchise?

8. Can you sustain yourself while building the business?

9. Do you like interfacing with public and having to deal with customer service?

10. Do you enjoy networking?


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