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Your success is our success! Our training programs are designed to create and sustain a Bold, Empowered, Accountable and Fun culture, so you and your teams can perform at the highest levels, and your business can grow and be profitable. Our training team is committed to providing you the tools to make your business a success for independent contractors and interns volunteers at all levels of your organization. To get started, you are required to attend a Franchisee Orientation and log up to 40 hours of in-academy training. During this initial training process, you will learn and experience all aspects of running a RDSA academy school.




It's our mission to ensure that a guest's RDSA experience is equally outstanding whether in Waco, Midland or Austin. Our comprehensive Manual of Operating Data combined with the support of our field teams provides you with the guidance needed to help your academy teams deliver the service that RDSA guests deserve and will come to expect. Our academy Support Center operations team and our field team will work directly with you and your teams to provide you with the tools you’ll need to operate at the highest level and maintain the reputation of the RDSA brand.






What's in a name? When you are a brand, everything. Day in and day out, our marketing team turns innovative ideas into winning programs that resonate with our guests and expand our brand on a global level. Whether it's in your franchise-owned academy or halfway around the world, we ensure that our guests know exactly what to expect when they see our logo. No matter where you go, no matter what language you speak, the brand represents quality you can trust.

Business Name Analysis


Brief Description of company name-Regional Development Sports Academy

Many companies conduct such name analysis attempting to find a mixture that will protray the business purpose, strength and identification possiblities to the public.

The RDSA -name analysis proposes a business which will have success and financial accumulation,influence and ability to understand where and when to spend necessary funds when needed.

Policy that will benefit volunteer's interns and employee's without overestimating resources, while creating an environment that is active, expansive verbally expressive and good natured atmosphere without duress,arrogance or sarcasm.

It must not over spend creating financial difficulties before a solid foundation for growth can be obtained,the name does bring a certain level of success if it can contain the tendency to over spend or use systems that could stress its operational procedures.












When you become a RDSA franchisee, you gain access to a team of experts who know just how to grow your business and give you advice where it matters most.








Director of Franchise Performance (DFP)


The DFP consults with you on all aspects of academy operations and provides ongoing support as your business grows. In addition, the DFP acts as your primary above academy level RDSA contact, offering insight and coaching to help you achieve success. The DPF plays a key role in helping you implement the RDSA world-class operating systems throughout your organization.




Sales, Profit and Operations Coach (SPO Coach)


The SPO works directly with your academy teams to grow sales and profits by improving the daily execution of operations. Their primary objective is to review your operations and work with your academy to develop an action plan that will strengthens the team’s ability to deliver quality, excellent guest service and inviting events. They focus on creating an environment of continuous improvement helping the team set goals and consistently execute in order to deliver the guests’ expectations. The Sales, Profit & Operations Coach is the primary RDSA contact for your academy management team.




Real Estate Manager (REM)


The RDSA provides expertise, support and direction in all aspects of growing your academy school count, including real estate site selection, expansion planning, trade area analysis, market demographics and other real estate matters.




Construction and Design Manager (CM)


The CM provides expertise and recommendations on site layouts, permitting and image and assists you with practical, cost-effective business approach whether you are adding services to your academy or building new ones. You will also be provided with guidelines, equipment specifications, source lists and design review.




Purchasing and Supply Chain Management


RDSA franchisees can become members of a franchisee-owned purchasing cooperative called The Sports Gig Services, (TSG). TSG negotiates the price of goods and services supplied by RDSA-approved suppliers and distributors to RDSA franchisees in America. Using approved vendors and products allows you to leverage the purchasing power of the system in North America. Through its website, RDSA provides members with online ordering and the latest supply chain information and tools to help them manage their academies more efficiently.















The RDAS system is committed to developing academies profitably in the best locations across the state of Texas. We have a strong team empowered with growth-driving initiatives to help identify the right location for you. Whether you are interested in developing our signature prototype in your local neighborhood, or are thinking outside the box, we have opportunities for growth in other locations. If you are ready to develop with the right brand, with the right formula for success, please check the site pre-qualification questionnaire to see if your site qualifies.

















Be Your Own Academy School, Starting a RDSA Franchise in 4 Steps




So you like sports

For anyone who has loved professional sports so much that they wanted to turn that passion into a livelihood, maybe investing in a franchise isn't the worst idea in the world. That's, of course, if you don't mind developing young prospective talent becoming a sizable part of your life.

Sure, it's tough knowing where to begin. That's why we did our best to sum it up in a few easy steps.

1. Money


If you're planning to purchase a franchise, be prepared to shell out big bucks. Sure, some will cost you $5,000 other leagues not operating as academies cost are much higher. If you want a piece of one of the bigger chains, however, prepare to spend close to $1 million in liquid assets.





Whether you're a seasoned sports investor looking for another means of income or you're an opportunistic minor league sports enthusiast looking to purchase your first franchise, save up some cash. The three most common financial terms you're going to hear are franchise fees, liquid assets and net worth.

Hearing the term "net worth" might discourage you from exploring franchises, but it's actually not that scary. To find your net worth, add up all your assets and deduct your liabilities. Pretty much it is what you own minus what you owe. You can calculate that.

Of course, each academy will vary on the ways they handle things. While the larger leagues will require a hefty net worth, others will be more than happy with just a fee and a good personality. Others, they'll just take the cash up front.

2. Apply

Most sport league companies will have tons of information on how to invest in a franchise directly on their websites. They'll give you hard facts and requirements on what it takes to be a part of their brand.

Anyone who has never owned a sports team or business will probably find it more difficult to qualify for a franchise than someone who hasn't. But, don't let that stop you.

Expect a full background check on your entire identity. This includes credit score, employment history, etc.

Sure some franchises will take more diligent measures to inspect the history of one of its applicants more than others. Regardless, try your best to look spotless if ever looking to invest.

Prepare to fight for your franchise. Franchisees usually go through extensive interviews. Multiple times. If you want to own a RDSA School Institute, you have to show you want it. Just having the money isn't enough.





3. Build

Franchise-RDSA Institute School

Once approved by the company, you're set to build your future.

 Scout for your perfect locations, within your budget.

Expect months of construction (term used for the building or developing the program) before your franchise is complete. Stay in the loop and in communication and remain wary. It's your franchise, it's your investment, it's your name on the line.

4. Have fun with it


Franchise-Sports School

It's not over once your franchise is up and running. It's just begun. Now it's up to you (metaphorically and literally).

Most franchisees must adhere to specific rules provided by the sports chain they're managing. Though that doesn't mean you can't add your own charm and personality to the community you're representing. Prepare to train for months after your organization has completed construction. You want to get everything right.

Franchises help franchisees properly train their independent contractors to meet the expectations of the company.

We spoke to a franchisee, Roger Viser, for Houston Shuttle Indoor Football, the retired military vet, has locations in Houston and surrounding area. While most franchises recommend a history of working in sports, Roger had football experience as a coach.





Roger told us he went into the RDSA franchise for multiple reasons.


    I was actively looking for a business that would have a steady stream of return on investment that was not directly related to real estate or the stock market. The sports industry is one of the few industries that can endure a slow real estate or stock market due to the simple fact that people want an affordable entertainment package regardless of how good their 401k plan is doing.


    I was looking for something new and exciting that did not require reinventing the wheel. I could not see myself starting a sports business from scratch, coming up with the concept and I could not see myself running, for example, a semi pro team. RDSA is not only relatively new, but also has a very hip and cool persona that was very attractive to me.

  Most importantly, my family and I loved the idea of developing prospect level professional talent.




Now that Roger had the drive to purchase a franchise, he describes the steps he took to making it a reality.

  It was relatively easy: I had to sign disclosures, fill out a financial statement and got interviewed by the partners to see if my goals and attributes where in line with the franchise owners. As to construction, being that I came from the coaching and developing talent background, it was easy for me to find my first location and start building it out.





 Of course, the owners and independent contractors of RDSA made it as simple as they could (keeping in mind that this was the first franchise to develop) and were there at every turn assisting me and helping put it all together. Once the construction was complete, they literally all rolled up their sleeves and were at my school making sure that I was trained in the right way.




Flexible Footprint

Variable Seating

Dense Population


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