May 16/21
6:46 am

Saturday Soccer



Sherwood Park

Posted Apr 26/21 - Soccer 2021, May - October

2020 was the lost soccer season.

Apparently 2021, is turning into another year without soccer.  At least our version of soccer.

2022 predictions anyone ???

Posted Jul 16/20 - In The Year 2020

Every year since 1989 I / Bruce have played Saturday Soccer.  For some of us, i.e. Jack and Bill, 1983.

Has been rewarding for a lot of us,  We keep coming back.

I hope that a year off won't add another layer of rust.  Pretty sure my game won't be affected.

2021 sounds like a good year.


SATURDAY SOCCER (est 1983) Saturday Soccer, is a group of individuals aged 35+. Best described as recreational or fun soccer - pickup variety, not team based. If interested, click on "Contacts".

Our soccer format is popular enough that advertising is not required, word of mouth maintains our membership at a workable level. We do not actively solict new players but neither do we turn players away. Players of all abilities accepted. Most Outdoor Saturdays there are enough players to form two or three  teams.  Predominately male, females are welcome.

Location: Sherwood Park / Strathcona County (Edmonton area), Alberta

Two components of Saturday Outdoor.
      Saturday morning and Tuesday night.

No REGISTRATION --- No PLAY. Registration form will be available at the field).smiley

Outdoor Field Closure infornation:


Ph. 780-467-5800

For information on Outdoor soccer, check under "Outdoor" (left column).

For information on Indoor soccer, check under "WedIndoor" (left column)


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