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Saturday Soccer



Sherwood Park

Posted Oct 17/22 - End of Soccer 2022

Weather forecast for the 22nd is not ideal but it is our last chance for the year.  Most of you should be there on Saturday, unfinished business - one last goal.

Saturday Oct 22, 10:00am.  SAP "D".

I will book our 2023 fields in January or February.  I assume we should hope for SAP "E" or Sap "D" for the majority of our games next year.

Posted Sep 28/22 - Field Change for October Soccer

In order to enhance everyone's 2022 soccer experience our Saturday morning field for Oct 1, 8. 15 & 22 is being changed.

We will be playing on SAP "D" instead of "E".   Start time is still 10am.

"D" is the field next to "E".  There are nets attached to the goal posts and the field is properly lined.

"D" is conveniently closer to the porta potty, obviously good news.


Posted Sep 27/22 - Saturday Outdoor 2022

Four saturdays left.  Oct 1, Oct 8, Oct 15 and Oct 22.  10:00am.  Strathcona Athletic Park (SAP "E"}

Field conditions have been outstanding for all of games at SAP "E" this year.

As long as the weather remains on the warm side I will see you on saturdays. 

But if not, the fields are booked.  And it will be your responsibility to ensure that there is  game ball.


Posted Sep 26/22 - Tuesday evening soccer finished for 2022

Our last night of soccer was Sept 20th.  

Unfortunately not enough daylight.  Hope to see everyone May 2023, tentatively May 9th.

Posted Jul 5/22 - Check Field Conditions

Usually a good idea to check the soccer field conditions before coming to soocer, especially if we have had rain recently.

Field condition link:        https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/28cf52ee24c444e5a4ce3ddd76b07d8e

  • Updates arre posted to the map (by the County) by 2:30 p.m. on weekdays.
  • Updates are posted to the map (by the County) by 9 a.m. on weekends.

Our usual field for 2022 is "Strathcona Athletic Park:Field E".   or SAP E
On an occasion when we don't have Field E booked, check our menu item "Outdoor" for the specific field booked on a specific date.


SATURDAY SOCCER (est 1983) Saturday Soccer, is a group of individuals aged 35+. Best described as recreational or fun soccer - pickup variety, not team based. If interested, click on "Contacts".

Our soccer format is popular enough that advertising is not required, word of mouth maintains our membership at a workable level. We do not actively solict new players but neither do we turn players away. Players of all abilities accepted. Most Saturdays and Tuesdays there are enough players to form two or three  teams.  Predominately male, females are welcome.

Location: Sherwood Park / Strathcona County (Edmonton area), Alberta

Two components of Saturday Outdoor.
      Saturday morning and Tuesday night.

No REGISTRATION --- No PLAY. Registration form will be available at the field).smiley


Strathcona County - Playing Field & Diamond Status


the above link "Starthcona County - Playing Field & Diamond Status" contains two menus on the left side of the page.

Search / Scroll these two menus items to find the current status for the field which we have booked.

for 2022 our most often booked field is "Strathcona Athletic Park:Field E". 
on the occasions when we don't have Field E booked, check our menu item "Outdoor" for our booked field. 

For information on Outdoor soccer, check under "Outdoor" , "Fees" and "Jerseys" (left column).

Unfortunately, there is no Indoor soccer.


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