Jun 23/24
6:26 am

Saturday Soccer



Sherwood Park


Work in progress.  Posted May 5, 2024

We don't need to advertise for additional players but we don't turn anyone away.  Except age related.  We are 35 plus.  

New players oftern referred by existing players.  In which case ensure the new players are properly vetted.

Ability not required.  Of importance, your temperment and willingness to be a team player.  Coaching of others not appreciated, not to say we don't need to be.   

No teams, this is pick up / casual soccer.  If we have 18 players, 2 teams of 9.  If 40 players, 3 teams of 13. 
Two teams play for 10 minutes, then the 3rd team rotates on and team one will rotate off.
We do not use subs.

Our objective is to have enough players for 2 teams and sometimes 3.  We only have one field.

We don't want to be in the situation where  "Nobody goes there anymore it’s too crowded"  Yogi Berra (thanks Tim)


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