Apr 15/24
4:20 pm

Saturday Soccer



Sherwood Park


Secondary Parking at Strathcona Athletic Park / SAP

Parking at SAP may be difficult due to many of the fields being used or special events i.e Track Meet or a Community event.
- Specifically on tuesday evenings (May thru July).  The other games have all started before our game does.  

There is a secondary parking lot just west of the far end of Field "F" and "G".  This parking lot is within the confines of Strathcona Athletic Park but is accessed from a separate entrance.  If necessary to use the secondary parking lot, continue reading.  

Approximate address is:

             300 Colwill Blvd, Sherwood Park

Instead of turning into the main parking lot on the west side of Clover Bar Road at the intersection of Clover Bar Road and Fox Haven Drive, drive one soccer field length further north (or one soccer field length less south) on Clover Bar Road and turn west onto Colwill Blvd.  A short distance on Colwill Blvd turn left into the parking lot.

The above instructions apply if we are playing on SAP "D" / "E" / "F" or "G".

If we are playing on SAP "B" this paking lot is not our best choice.

AND  Always a good idea to check if our field is OPEN or CLOSED before you leave home for soccer., 

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