May 19/24
2:16 pm

Saturday Soccer



Sherwood Park



*** This page has been updated for 2024.  It may not be the final version ***  Bruce Feb 13 2024

We often have enough players for three teams.  One team will be rotated off every 10 minutes.  Initial rotation usually settled by rock/scissor/paper or coin flip)  
On the field for 20 minutes playing aginst the other two teams 10 minutes each.

We use bibs or penny's which have been given to our fully registered players.

Our two primary colors are red or yellow.  If enough players for three teams the third team will wear black..

With our soccer format, an effort is made for the two (or three) teams to be competitive / evenually balanced.  Skill and age are two factors considered.

The ideal shirt to wear under a bib would be white.  White minimizes conflict with the color of the bib that  you will be wearing.
Makes it less confusing to players on the field.

Red, yellow and black bibs / penny's have been provided to all of our registered players.  $10 for a replacement.

Newly registered players will be given the three bibs we use upon full payment. 

You are responsible for your own laundry services.

We do not supply game day bibs / penny's for non registered players.  They should have been told by whom ever invivted them
to have a shirt (s) of the proper colour (red, yellow or black).  

Ideal situation is to use the bibs supplied (on top of your white base layer). 
Players do not decided who to play with or who not to play with.
Wearing your own jersey instead of utilizing our bibs hinder the ability for teams to be easily formed and balanced.
If adjustments are necessary the use of your own jersey is just another obstacle.


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