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August 29/2011
Internet Prowess

Cannons veterans Jeery Galley, Alex Wishn7ki and still player/manager David Jones joined the Vernon Diamondbacks at the Western Canada Baseball Championships this past weekend in Trail.  With the help of the Cannons, the Diamondbacks managed to defeat the Marysburg Royals of Saskatchewan 7-4 in their final game of the tournament, ending the Royals chance at the playoffs and giving the Diamondbacks just their 2nd win of the season (Marysburg pop. 842, no joke).  Galley ended up with the complete game win (2 ER, 7 K) and Jones cleaned the bases with a clutch 2 out bases loaded drive in the bottom of the 6th for the come from behind victory.

Thankfully for the Dbacks, Jones' 2011 season was successful enough for him to crack the squad-a certain manager had miraculously improved his baseball skills overnight by way of a password to this website and a calculator prior to travelling to Trail.

August 13/2011
A view from the bench
with the Hammer

The Dynasty

Big dadddddy Kraz clears the bases with a 360 foot shot to cash in enough runs to solidify a Cannons perfect season!!(They definetly weren't gonna score 3 on Nephew Galley he was in the f***in zone due to pre-game rituals in the dugout..Well after that 2 game sweep I guess it takes more than supplement routines and whisks to beat the Cannons..Although according to Rob it was just misplays on the Pi-rates side..uhuh..With this victory came a cleansing as series VP Big Daddy Kraz and Manager Jones got a much needed Baby Duck Shower! Tor was just in time to drink and celebrate the big win and new hats..wait where are those hats anyways??OOOOOOOOOOOl lips eh!! Big Bre was extremely large behind the plate as was Big Brent in the field. Also there was support from a few former " Bluejays Prospects" with Big Willy pitching a stellar game one heatin' the ball in along with Wishn7icki and Matty Mauts Taylor stellar hitting. Wishn7cki hit so good he even hit a few behind him? T-Roy Billy coached us along as his wrist injury sidelined him for this season to the delight of every pitcher in our league! Van riderz looooooove their Vuluptous Red-heads..so do Brewers haha zing!! Oh and how could I forget the bullet in the gap put up by Manager Javid Dones in game 1, when quoted he said.."It was the best hit of the day..game..season..well maybe career". Well Hammer is out for this season, gotta go jump in the van..Van Truckin USA!!!!

August 13/2011
Suck it Brewers!

Cannons win the 2011 playoffs 2 games to 0 over the Pirates.  Not one former professional in the lineup

Top L to R:  Brent Dunsford, Brehan Lawrence (6'4"), Big Daddy Kraz, The Hammer, Will H. Kerr, Jeeery Galley, Troy Billy
Bottom L to R:  Itss Wishhh! Mautty Taylor, The Handyman Jones, Ol Lips, Young Lips
Front L to R:  Trophy store


July 11/2011
A view from the bench
with the Hammer

Cannons 4-peat the Dave Dayrod midseason classic!!!

The cannons were victorious the mid season tournament in 4 straight games this past weekend. A lot of big boys hit big shots this weekend and injured Nephew Galley pitched a gem in the finals. Supplement routines were exchanged as well as some table tennis. Matty Maut Taylor a new edition to our team as well as ol' Lips also had a great weekend at the plate. It'ssss Wish pitched a stellar 2-hitter on the Saturday as well but just couldn't quite "pull the trigger" at the plate. Big Daddy Kraz also burst out his chest hair to contributed with a triple and an error to complete the in park homerun. "Prez" Jones was all grins after another great outing by The Cannons. Well it's a good thing I got my ashtray back the TV looked bare..Up to Skew7mesh this weekend for 2 double headers as well as the 2nd annual pool party extravaganza!!!! See ya there..

July 1/2011
A view from the bench
with the Hammer

From Big Willy to Big Bear

Big Willy had a big outing as he mowed down 16 of the Pi-rates batters..Rob was quoted as saying it felt really good to no-hit the Cannons through 6 innings (The Cannons still won 3-0 so does it still feel good)?? Onto the weekend where Bre "Big Bear" Lawrence finally joins the 282 club!! Mr. Purvis also came through with a walk-off single to cap off the double header sweep of Dave day's A's..Does the Manager have a new belt yet? I bet Rod B. could carve him one up oh..Although not all is well in Cannon land as they fell 5-1 to the Pi-rates in their redemption games..possibly a few errors?? It's aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Wiiiiiiiiiish showed up though smashing a couple of nice hits as did BANGER Mckenzie the number 1 pick up! Next stop..mid-season tournie, it's Moose hunting season!!

May 23/2011
A view from the bench
with the Hammer

The Cannoose win the Twin Cities Invitational!!!

The Cannons (with a little help from their Mooselike friends) won their second consecutive tournament to open the year. The 1st annual Twin Cities Invitational was help at Larry Walker park this past weekend where the cannons were victorious 10-4 vs. the Aldergrave Cubs to take first place. Nephron Jerry Galley took home MVP with 2 stellar pitching performances plus a large Grand Slam! Big Daddy Kraz was quoted as saying "oh that's a Jerry Jack"!! Big Daddy Kraz also showed his long ball skills placing 2nd place in the 16 person homerun derby. They scored so many runs over the four games the scorekeeper's pen kept running out if ink. UBC Thunderbird pick-up Nic was quoted as saying "does this team load the bases every inning"?? All in all it was a successful tournie and safe taxi was used at 6 am for curfew's sake. Thanks to Brendan, Dusty Diamond and Big Scott Webbie for coming out to help out load those bases! Jackie'o how's the Mc'D's breakie after a van ride in the mornin?? Come out for our home opener this weekend May 28th at Laroy Watt field for some swats, squats, beers, and bbq. Bigg Rigg Smitt will be signing autographs!!!!

Hammer out..

May 23/2011
We are all Cannons

Moose meat beefs up Cannons to sweep competition at the inaugural Twin Cities Invitational in Maple Ridge

                                                                             Back row: Two giant peas in a pod.

May 15/2011
Twin Cities Invitational

Saturday May 21
1:50 pm      Maple Ridge Jerks 2 vs. Howe Sound Cannons 8

Sunday May 22
9:00 am      Howe Sound Cannons 10 vs. Ridge Meadows Royals 8
1:50 pm      Richmond A's 4 vs. Howe Sound Cannons 10

Monday May 23
Finals         Time dependant on seeding
4:30 pm      Aldergrove Cubs 3 vs. Howe Sound Cannons 7

May 2/2011
A view from the bench
with the Hammer

Cannons win inaugural Lumberjack Icebreaker

The Cannons were victorious this past weekend at the first annual Lumberjack Tournament at Laroy Watt stadium. It was a close final game until the 8th inning where the Cannons scored 5 runs to win the game. Organizer Jerry Galley pitched a fine game completing the shutout and also umping all of Saturday's games while still maintaining a beer per inning..astonishing! When asked to comment he stated "Cheesy rice and Chicky strips!!" This weekend also marked the triumphant and long waited return of Big Rigg Smitt an electrifying player from past Cannons years. Rigg wound up hitting 2 home runs with one landing on the Squamish rez and the other getting out in a real hurry as the crowd chanted..Big Rigg Big Rigg!! Bluejays can't hit knuckleballs???? Meanwhile Kraz did more work keeping busy as always and T-Roy Morphy umpired some fine games. Thanks to the Brewers and Moose who sadly didn't make it past the first round but we know we know, it's just a decoy right Thitch, to give us hope? Well the season is underway and so is the VFTB, stay tuned every week for all the highlights, misplays and debaucheries of the summer 2011 NSMBA season..until next week.

April 20/2011
Squamish Lumberjack AMATEUR Icebreaker

Saturday April 30
930am   Howe Sound vs Queen's Cross Moose
12pm North Shore Pirates vs The Mighty Brewers
2pm   Queens Cross Moose vs North Shore Pirates
4pm   The Mighty Brewers vs Howe Sound
Home Run derby

Sunday May 1
10am   The Mighty Brewers vs Queen's Cross Moose
12pm   Howe Sound Cannons vs North Shore Pirates

April 27/2011
2011 Season-Brewers are #1!

It's the 2011 NSMBA arms race! Who can convince the most former pros to play on their team! Starring, the Brewers!!!

April 9/2011
What happens in Spring training, stays in Spring  training

August 16/2010
Ageless Brewers

After their year end party, the Cannons woke up casually Sunday morning to do their annual trophy shine. But when finished they seemed to have some extra trophy polish left over.  After much confusion it was recalled that the Brewers had outplayed them the day before and beat them in the NSMBA championship 2 games straight, winning the trophy for the first time since 2003.

Cannons bats were simply silent until the 7th inning of game 2.  A 10 run deficit in that 7th inning was just too much for a repeat of 2009's miracle comeback in the finals.  The Brewers played well but were definitely beatable, and not intentionally walking former Blue Jays didn't hurt (4-6, 2B, 3B, HR, 6 RBI's).

The once juvenile Cannons have come a long way however, gracious in defeat one source said, "the cheer from Howe Sound's bench when Scott from the Brewers lifted the trophy at home plate was deafening.  It was like we all were Brewers."

It is apparent the team will look to regain the crown in 2011 as spring training has been announced for April 23rd, a full week before the season commences.

I swore Scott from the Brewers was 38 when we started playing in this league.

Cannons celebrate second place.  Uncle only one with sense to keep shirt on when camera near.

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