August 18/07
2007 Champions!!!

August 17/07

Diving With Davis
By David Jones
2007 was a very trying year...for this website. You see it's very difficult to make fun of yourself when you're actually winning. Congratulations Cannons!

July 27/07
A View from the bench
with the Hammer
We scummed and we scamed
What ya gonna do when we flop our bellies on youuuuuu!!!! That's right you chicken-pocked sl*t muthaf*ckassssssss!!!! I bet you the cannons aren't scared to take first place this year no they're not are they. I bet you the Hammer isn't scared to scame all over dem big hips while Lovejones takes sh*ts and makes love to an 18 year old ditz. Tron will roll thru and f-ing sock you while Kraz rolls a dube and won't stop talking to you (by the way Dominguez where are you??). Lips will bite your titz, Jarret will steal your spitz as Vintage Malkey slams back a glass of milk from dem titz . Firbank will strike you out then trip on his shoe, Just try running Twatney and he will smoke you then bum one off you. Tor and Ollie just showed up now it's safe to talk sh*t and act tuff. J-Gal will dent your forehead when he floppeth it on you, Brad will come at you with those gams and there's nothing you can do as for Johnny V...I won't even start with you.

June 27/07
There's a mercy rule?
Cannons .500 for the first time in about half a decade.

June 24/07
Bet you the Cannons are scared to make the playoffs
They probably don't even know how.

May 18/07
Team to boost morale by entering slowpitch tournament
Because after all, it's slowpitch, how bad could they be...

May 16/07
Cannons Off to Best Start Ever
Start season with franchise best 1 win 3 losses

While the record may not actually be impressive, due to covert ball stealing operations, the team is up 12 baseballs since the start of the season. Batting practice here we come!

Guess who's back in this mutha****a!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're back once again in 2007 to suck some ass and have some more poorly organized fundraisers. So saddle up and enjoy the ride. i hope you're not afraid of heights folks because this coaster is doing a full nose dive. But anyways beer, bannock and bitches it is and some of Anthony's special sauce. I want your c*** brewers shortstop!!!!

Player of the Week

July 8/07
David Jones We'd like to thank the GM for starting Jeremy Galley, who threw a no-hitter and hit a game winning homerun. Way to go Dave!

July 1/07
The Hammer Tha muthaf*ckin' Hammer!?

June 25/07
Lips 112 foot bombs!

June 18/07
Anthony Hughson

June 3/07
Jeremy Galley 2 hitter.

May 27/07
Jeremy Galley

May 19/07
Vintage Kelvin Mackie No argument here, forced the old lady to pop out his 2nd kid and made it to the game on time, on the same day!

May 12/07
Anthony Hughson More like mullet of the week. Get a haircut or your benched.

Team Motto: Nobody leaves until the last guys car starts

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