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Posted Aug 17/13 - They've gone to plaid!

Best. Playoff Round-Robin. Ever.


Posted Aug 12/13 - Much less suck and very little blow.

It's starting to look like the Spaceball have righted the ship. Although they've still have more losses than wins in the last few weeks, the losses are close games against good opponents. A few more clutch hits and those losses become wins. In the two losses on Sunday, 17 Spaceballs were stranded on base (including three bases loaded situations). Score just a few more of those and the outcome is different. The good news is that the defense has been really solid for several games in a row, which is exactly where the team needs to be heading into playoffs.


Posted Jul 23/13 - A Tale of Two Spaceballs: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Schwartz

Well, there wasn't much to report after last week's games. In fact, this reporter contemplated a partial lobotomy to help forget the defensive atomic turd bomb dropped by the Spaceballs in their games against Binge Hitters. A turd so huge and vile that even MegaMerMaid couldn't suck it up or blow it away. Even heavy drinking won't wash away the memory. Trust me, I've tried that tactic to erase the sad hand job I got from Rob "Redmuff" Timlick a month ago. He just wasn't as loving and gentle as usual and it scarred me both physically and mentally.


Posted Jul 15/13 - The Schwartz is Back!

It's been a while, but your intrepid reporter is back in action. I'd like to give you some amazing excuse, like I was out saving/destroying the universe, but it was mostly laziness and beer that kept me away.


Posted Jun 11/13 - Donaskroob Goes Spaceballs Deep

With new uniforms comes new mojo. Not only did Spaceballs: The Slo-Pitch team look damn sexy out there, but they finally combined good offense and defense in the same game. The first game was a blow-out against a short-handed, but fun Suds team. Some late-arriving reinforcements gave Suds a full roster for game two and the result was a much more entertaining and close match that went down to the wire.


Posted Jun 4/13 - Spaceballs: The Losing Streak Continues

The Spaceballs lost two games to the Pro Ballaz (and an Opeth shirt to a surly dog) who are, in this reporter's opinion, the best team on Mondays by a fair margin. Probably one of the best teams on any night, actually. Almost every hitter in the lineup can put the ball wherever they like. Their girls are among the best defensively and at the plate. They really don't have any holes. Losing to Pro Ballaz is nothing to be ashamed of, particularly when the defense is as strong as it was in the first game. Even the hitting wasn't too shabby in Game 1. Scoring eight runs against a great team with only two hits for extra bases is pretty impressive. The second game was another story with only one hit total. The blame for the offensive woes appears to fall squarely on one set of shoulders; Yogurt's.  After the game, MegaMerMaid could be heard grumbling "What a douche." about the team's ginger bushed pitcher. Lone Bird added "Master of the Schwartz, my ass. That dude wouldn't know the Schwartz if it hit him in the face like my junk did last night."


Posted May 28/13 - Superman Joins the X-Men to Stymie Spaceballs

Well, there will always be days like that. Doesn't make it feel any better right now, but the Spaceballs just need to regroup and come back stronger in the next game. Unfortunately, the offense that was missing in the tourney showed up in full schwartz last night, but the defense faltered. Not a complete gong show, but enough key errors from all over the field that cost the team at least one win. The last few days have shown that the team is capable of being a high-scoring machine with a stingy defense against quality opponents (they have yet to play any pushovers), it's just a matter of combining the two at the same time. This reporter is fully confident it'll happen and the team will go on a roll.


Posted May 27/13 - First Tournament a Qualified Success

Well, the first tournament is over and although the Spaceballs didn't win a game, they played one of their best tournaments yet. I realize that sounds a little odd, but the record doesn't do the team's performance justice. The defense was excellent, keeping the team in every game against some pretty good opponents despite some inconsistent hitting. The hitting will come around as previous Monday games have shown. When this team combines that offense with the defense on display this weekend, then expect them to kick the schwartz out of some teams!


Posted May 21/13 - 2013 Season Begins!

Spaceballs: The Beat Reporter had recently gone to plaid. Scottish tartan plaid. He's now back and ready to entertain. Just not right now. Right now he's just saying hi.


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