Jun 22/24
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Team Ticker:
  • Welcome to the home of the Rutland Rockies Bantam AAA Baseball Club
  • Zach McPhee and his Vancouver teammates pick up a silver medal at the WesternChampionships in Saskatchewan.
  • 8 Rockies players move onto the Arizona Fall Sophmore Classic in October

If anyone in interested in JPBC or PBL Fall Ball, please head down to Elks on Tuesday , Sept 1st from 4:30-7:00




So we are at the end of a VERY long season and I would like to thank Ken, Brian and Gary for all the time and effort they put into helping me coach these great kids.  I also want to thank my wife for all her hard work and a big thanks to Aaron and Donna for all the score keeping they did this year.  Thank you to those parents who continued to show support to the coaching staff all season.

I am very proud of all the boys, not just for their great accomplishments but for all their hard work these past 8 months.  I leave this year feeling very lucky to have been involved with a bunch of dedicated kids that were very coachable.

Coach Mike


August 20-23, 2009         WESTERN CANADIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS       

As we headed down to Poco to play in the Westerns we were now TEAM BC.  We picked up 5 great guys who fit in well with our team .  We were very happy to have Jon Bauer from Ridge Meadows on our team and not pitching against us!!!  We picked up Justin Geerts from Cloverdale, Mike Orosz from the Vancouver Mounties, Jesse Long and Matt Bryan from the Victoria Vipers.

In the Westerns the Rockies went 4-0 against Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta and Tri Cities outscoring the opposition 34-2.  In the final game we were down 9-2 in the seventh, managed to score 4 runs but ran out of outs. Final score was 9-6 for Tri City.  This is the best finish of any Okanagan team at the Bantam level.

MVP's were awarded during the tournament to Jon Bauer,Nolan Handley- (who had the only home run of the tourney), Dallis Senger, Alex Fraser, and Luke Cooke .  Kody Smith was awared the batting award with a 5 for 7 on base average for the tourney.  In the skills competition Nolan Handley won the home run derby while Dallis Senger and Matt Brian(Victoria) won the pair base race.



Well here is a sumary of the games during the
2009 Bantam AAA Provincials with the final result being --
We beat Cloverdale 6-4, Kody Smith had a diving catch in right field to win the Gold Glove award for the game.
Pitcher Brennan Clark won the MVP, who was 2 for 2 at the plate. Morgan Lofstrom was 3 for 4 at the plate and Josh Wyatt was 2 for 3.
We lost game #2 to Ridge Meadows 7-1 We struggled with their curve ball thrower (Jon Bauer) - First year Pitcher Alex Fraser won the MVP for Rutland
We lost to Victoria (#2)  10-9.
Dawson Yates won the MVP for hitting a grand slam in the 1st inning scoring Alex Ballingall, Dallis Senger and Brennan Clark.  Luke Cooke and Alex Ballingall pitched this game. 
We beat North Delta (#3) 20-11 to advance to the semi's on Sunday.
They had us 8-1 at the end of the 2nd .  We scored 8 runs in the 3rd- and 7 in the 5th. Doubles from Senger and Ballingall, Yates and Wyatt.
 Pitchers, Handley, Clark, Yates, Ballingall.
So we played Abby in a Semi  and won 12-6.  Luke Cooke had an excellent showing on the mound and picked up an MVP.
Then we were off to the final to meet Burnaby and as everyone knows by now...they hit a bunch of homeruns  in the bottom of the 7th and we lost 15-13----ouch!  But we won a Provincial silver medal and we were off to the Westerns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MVP to Sam Kwasnycia and Josh Wyatt and Gold Glove to catcher Cole Depner and Dallis Senger.   




July 25th, 09

The Rockies headed to Poco to finish off their league games this past weekend.

Game #1 was against Naniamo- Nolan Handley and Alex Fraser shared the mound  . Morgan Lofstrom played strong behind the plate and went 2 for 4 with 3 RBI's. Other stong at bats came from Nolan Handley who had a 2 run shot home run in the 5th.   Dallis Senger went 3 for 4 with a 2B and 3B and 3 RBI's . Josh Wyatt went 3 for 4  with a 2B  and Brennan Clark went 2 for 4 with a 2B to help Rutland take the game 14-0.

Game #2 was against Central Island- due to weather the came was called in the bottom of the 4th (at the time the score was Rutland 5, Central Island 2)

Game #3  against the Victoria Vipers saw Nolan Handley pitch the entire game .  The Vipers scored 2 in the 7th to win 4-3.  Sam Kwasyncia had a 2B and went 2 for 3 while Luke Cooke went 2 for 2 for Rutland.

Game #4  saw Luke Cooke pitch 6 excellent innings to hold Victoria to 3 runs.  Dawson Yates came in for the 7th. Yates had bases loaded 2 out and he K'd the last batter. Way to go Dawson and well done behind the plate Cole Depner!    

At the plate Sam Kwasnycia , Josh Wyatt and Luke Cooke all went 2 for 3 while Alex Ballingall and Dallis Senger went 2 for 4 for Rutland. 

                                           .....Final Score Rutland 6  - Victoria 3


Rutland Players invited to TEAM BC

Congrats goes out to the following Rutland Rockies

  • Dallis Senger for being invited to the  U16 Prospects Camp.
  • Nolan Handley and Alex Ballingall for making Team BC , they will be heading to Portland to the PNC in August to play for the (2012) team
  • Rees Weninger, Dawson Yates and Morgan Lofstrom are also heading to the PNC and will be playing on the (2013) team.
  • Way to go guys!!
  • Also Congrats to all the other Rutland and Kelowna players who are heading down to the PNC!!!!!!!



  • Way to go Rockies for beating Cloverdale 9-5 to take 3rd place in the VOC Tourney on July 19th.  Luke Cooke pitched 6 excellent innings with 7 k's and    Alex Fraser closed in the final game.



July 11, 2009

The Rockies hosted Cloverdale on the weekend .  In game #1 Nolan Handley and Alex Fraser took the mound for Rutland.  On the sticks Brandon Johnson had a double to help the cause but we lost 5-1. 

Game #2 was a tough one with the final score being 5-4 for Cloverdale after 9 innings.  Nolan Handley was 3 for 4 at the plate for Rutland.  Cole Depner had a strong game throwing out 2 runners trying to steal 2nd base.  Luke Cooke and Alex Fraser  each took turns on the mound during this long, exciting 9 inning game. During game #3 Rutland cound not get on the sticks and lost 10-2.  Dawson Yates, Alex Ballingall and Alex Frasier, each took turns on the mound for the Rockies.

Next league game will be at Poco on July 25th.




July 4th, 09

Rutland hosted #1 Vancouver on the weeknd and went 0-3

Top batters for Rutland were Brandon Johnson with a double in game #2 and a home run in game #3.  Dallis Senger hit a home run in game #1 .  Kody Smith went 2 for 4 with a double and Rees Weninger went 3-5 for the weekend.

Brennan Clark, Alex Fraser and Sam Kwasnycia turned a beautiful double play in game #1.


June 26-29th                     KR3CAN AM CLASSIC TOURNEY

The Rockies were in Oliver on the 26th and met Drayton Valley for our first game of the weekend and Rutland won 12-2.

Our second game in the tourney  we played the Srike Zone from Seattle and Lost 9-4.  The MVP for this game was Nolan Handley.  Dawson Yates had a strong showing at the plate for Rutland in our first game. 

Next we played The Hawks from Ferdale Washington.  A couple of doubles from Dallis Senger earned him an MVP and Rutland won 15-5

Game #4 was an exciting one.  We played Bellevue Washington.. going into the game we realized that to advance to the Wild Card we had to hold them to under 3 runs.  Luke Cooke pitched an amazing game and we won 4-2.  Cooke won the MVP, Alex Ballingall helped the cause with 3 doubles  in game 4.

Game #5 was against the Strike Zone and the final score was 6-4 for Seattle.  Sam Kwasnycia played a strong short and went 3 for 3 to win the MVP. 

Bellevue ended up beating The Strikezone in the final and 15-4

Rockies meet Victoria in Poco

June 20th-09

The Rockies headed down to Poco on the weekend to meet the Victoria Bears for 3 and the Vipers for 1 game.

Game #1 against the Bears saw Dawson Yates get the start and Alex Fraser, Nolan Handley and Luke Cooke all seeing have time on the mound. 

Highlights at the plate during the first game saw Morgan Lofstrom start a 5th inning rally with a doulbe, Handley, Johnson, and Wyatt also scored in the 5th.  Final score 10-6 Rutland.

Game #2 the Rockies  met the Victoria Vipers.  Josh Wyatt started for Rutland , while Alex Ballingall, Alex Fraser and Brennan Clark combined took care of the pitching in game #2. 

On the bats, Clark and Senger had doubles and Weninger, Smith, Handley and Cooke each came up with RBI's for Rutland.  Final score 16-7 for the Vipers.

Game #3 was against the Bears and Dawson Yates pitched 3 innings with 5 K's and Luke Cooke closed . 

At the plate - In the first inning Sam Kwasnycia(went 3 for 4) led off with a hard single , followed by a hit from Morgan Lofstrom and a home run from Dallis Senger.  Rutland scored 6 in the first but the Bears battled back to take the lead going into the 7th.  With 2 out the Rockies rallied scoring 3 to win the game 10-9.  Dawson Yates took a walk, Alex Fraser got on , Cole Depner walked and Dawson scored on a passed ball.  Brandon Johnson hit a single driving in Alex  and Cole scored the winning run on a passed ball.

Game #4 saw Nolan Handley take the win on the mound and Bennan Clark closed.

Rees Weninger had a strong first showing behind the plate.  It was 2-1 for Rutland going into the 5th and Weninger started the rally with a single, Rutland scored 4.  Dawson Yates and Luke Cooke each went 1 for 2 at the plate.  Final score Rutland 6-Bears-3. 


June 14, 2009


           Rutland goes 3-0 against Ridge Meadows

Game #1 saw the Rockies' Nolan Handley and Dallis Senger each hitting a 2 run home run.  Nolan went 3 for 3 with 2 RBI's and Senger went 3 for 4 with 3 RBI's . Brennan Clark, Kody Smith and Cole Depner all scored for Rutland.  Nolan pitched 6 innings giving up 2 runs and had 6K's, while Alex Fraser closed.  Morgan Lofstrom threw out 2 base runners one in the 5th and one in 6th.  The final score was 7-2 for Rutland.

Game #2 saw Dawson Yates pitching 5 strong innings giving up 2 hits and had 8K's.  Brennan Clark came into close.

At the plate Dallis Senger crushed the first pitch he faced over the fence in the top of the seventh for a 3 run shot. He contributed 4 RBI's to game #2.  First year Rees Weninger was 2 for 3 at the plate and Kody Smith contributed a double in the 2nd.  Brandon Johnson, Luke Cooke and Josh Wyatt also scored for Rutland.  Defensively we ended the game with a double play from Rees , Luke and Brandon  We won game #2 (11-1)

Game #3 on Sunday saw the Royals getting  6 runs in the first inning, the Rockies scratched their way back with 2 runs in the second third, one in the 6th and 3 in the 7th.

Helping the cause at the plate was Sam Kwasnycia and Morgan Lofstrom with doubles . Sam came off the injury list and played a strong short stop. Going into the bottom of the 7th  7-5 for Ridge Meadows, Rutland answered with Lofstrom's double, BB from Cooke and Yates, a single from Senger  and a Sac Fly from Handley.  With bases loaded, Yates scored on a pass ball.   Rultand won the game 8-7..

Alex Fraser, Luke Cooke, Brandon Johnson and Josh Wyatt all took a shot on the mound for Rutland.

Rockies are off to Poco to meet Victoria on the weekend.




 Rockies on the Road


 The Rockies headed down to Poco this past weekend for the TriCity Tourney.  We were a little shy of players this weekend due to injury.  The team is still missing Dallis Senger, Alex Ballingall and Alex Fraser on the mound. Rutland's short stop Sam Kwasnycia was back on the field for part of the weekend, he has been out for weeks with a leg injury.

Game #1 saw the Rockies vs Abby (Score Rutland-1/Abby-2).  Nolan, Luke, Dawson and (Alex F- who came off the injury list to pitch one inning )all pitched well.  Cole Depner turned a 3rd inning ending double play.  On the sticks Dallis Senger went 2 for 3 and scored Rutlands only run which was driven in by Nolan Handley. Handley won the MVP for Rutland.

Game #2 Rutland vs North Delta

Brennan Clark had a strong first showing on the mound , he and Dawson Yates and Luke Cooke each gave up 2 runs.  At the plate Rutland's Brandon Johnson hit a 2 run shot to straight away centre in the 5th inning.  Nolan Handley and Dallis Senger each had doubles and scored for Rutland.  Morgan Lofstrom, Josh Wyatt and Cole Depner each went 2 for 4 at the plate to help the cause but Rutalnd left too many runners on base and lost 6-4. Brandon Johnson won the game MVP.

Game #3 Rutland vs Tri City

By game #3 the injuries caught up with us and some players were out.   Josh Wyatt pitched a solid 3 innings in game #3, Brandon Johnson, Alex F., and Nolan also took turns on the mound to give up a combined 11 runs. Kody Smith had his first go behind the plate and p.o 2 runners. Rutlands second HR of the weekend was from Luke Cooke who scored Morgan and Cole in the 5th inning. Cole Depner was 2 for 3 at the plate with a double while Dawson Yates also hit a double and 2 RBI's. Final score Tri City 11- Rutland 5.  Luke Cooke won the game MVP.

A big thank you to Aaron Depner and Donna Lofstrom for all the scorekeeping they do for the team.

Coach Mike



May 30th, 2009

                                                Rutland Host Abby


Game #1

The Rockies came up against one of the stronger pitching forces that we have seen so far this year. Abbotsford took game one on Saturday 8-4.  Nolan Handley pitched 5 innings with 9 K's and Josh Wyatt came in to close with 2 K's.  Rutlands sticks came up with 3 doubles during game one from Cole Depner, Nolan Handley and Luke CookeBrennan Clark and Morgan Loftstrom also added runs to the score board.

 Game #2

Dawson Yates started on the mound for 4 innings with 8 K's.  Brandon Johnson and Luke Cooke also saw a combined 3 innings for Rutland.  Nolan Handley , Josh Wyatt  and Brennan Clarke each crossed home plate twice during game #2.  Going into the bottom of the 7th we trailed 8-7.  Dallis Senger hit a solo homerun to tie the game.  Nolan contributed with a single and ended up scoring on a pass ball to end the game 9-8.

Game #3

Luke Cooke and Brandon Johnson pitched on Sunday morning's game.  We saw great defence from Rees Weninger, Cole Depner and Brandon Johnson by turning a second inning bases loaded double play.  Morgan Loftstom had a good at bat with a double in the first inning. Sam Kwasnycia, who has been injured, came off the bench to P.H. in the 7th and pounded the ball to left field to start a rally but the Rockies came up short at the plate leaving too many runners stranded and lost game #3 to Abby 5-4.

The team is off to TriCity on June 5th for a tournament.




May 23-24th 2009

     Rutland takes 2 games from Tri City

Game #1 - Nolan Handley did a great job on the mound for Rutland pitching 6 1/3 innings giving up only 2 hits and 1 run with 9 K's. Josh Wyatt came in to close. Catcher Morgan Lofstrom had a very strong showing during our first game. Dallis Senger started the game with a solo shot to centre field in the 1st inning . Nolan  and Josh were strong at the plate and Rees Weninger went 2 for 2. Rutland took the game 7-1

Game #2 Dawson Yates pitched the first 4 innings giving up  2 runs and had 5 K's.  Luke Cooke came in for 2 innings with 0 runs and 5 K's and Josh Wyatt finished off the game.  Catcher Cole Depner had a strong game and gunned #24 from Tri City at second for the 3rd out in the 4th inning.   Rutland was on the sticks in game #2 .  Dallis Senger had a great showing at the plate by hitting his 2nd home run of the day in the top of the 3rd inning, he also had a double in the 7th with 3 RBI's.  Kody Smith hit his double in the 6th and scored 2 runs .  Brandon Johnson had 2 hits and 2 RBI's. Rutland took the game 11-7

Game #3 Luke Cooke , Brandon Johnson , Josh Wyatt and Alex Ballingall all pitched in game #3.  Cole Depner , Rees Weninger and Josh Wyatt turned a 3rd inning double play.  Rutland was down 4-2 in the 4th but battled back to tie the game at 8 in the sixth but ran out of gas and wound up on the losing end of a 14-8 game.  Bat support for this came from Brandon Johnson with 2 double (1 run), Dallis Senger with one double (2 runs),Nolan Handley scoring (3 runs) and Dawson Yates (2 runs).

We had lots of family and friends out supporting the team this weekend...Thanks...Coach Mike

The Rockies host Abbotsford this weekend at Edith Gay Park.




 May 16-17th, 09                         Rutland hosts North Delta

The Rockies took one of three games against N.D. this past weekend at Edith Gay.  The team has had its fair share of injuries with Sam, Alex F , Dallis and Josh on the list. Josh and Dallis were able to play part of the weekend and we are hoping to see the other 2 players on the field this weekend.

Game #1- Nolan Handley started on the mound and Luke Cooke came in the 6th to close.  We lost this game 7-4 and ended up leaving 10 runners on base.  Alex Ballingall had a double while Dawson Yates , Cole Depner and Brennan Clark each scored for Rutland..The Rockies would like to welcome Brennan Clark to the line up, this was his first outing this season.

Game #2 saw Dawson Yates pitch 6 innings, with 3 K's and 4 hits.  Luke Cooke came in for the save with no hits and 1 K and the Rockies won 9-6.  Rees Weninger, Brennan Clark and Alex Ballingall turned a sixth inning ending double play.  Dallis Senger, Nolan Handley and Dawson Yates all  had doubles and Cole Depner was 2/3 with an RBI.

Game #3 the Rockies started Brandon Johnson on the mound, he pitched 2 innings, Josh Wyatt (who came off the injury list after taking a ball to the eye earlier that week in practice) closed giving up 2 runs and North Delta won 6-5.  Brandon, Luke, Dallis, and Kody, (who was brought in to P.R. in the 7th) all scored in game 3.

The Rockies are hosting Tri City this weekend at Edith Gay.





  May 2-3 2009                       RUTLAND VS BURNABY

The Rockies hosted Burnaby this past weekend and lost their first game on Sat 9-8 after 8 complete innings.  Nolan Handley started game 1 and pitched 5 innings with     6 K's .  Josh Wyatt came in for 2 with 2 K's and Luke Cooke closed in the 8th with 1 K.  Rees Weninger and Luke Cooke turned a double play in the 7th.  

Unfortunately in the first inning our lead off hitter Sam Kwasnycia  injured his hamstring while running to first and was out for the weekend . Dallis Senger was also out of the defensive line up due to an arm injury 

Brandon Johnson got things going with a 3 run dinger in the 5th to fire things up for the Rockies.  Alex Fraser and Kody Smith also came in that inning and we headed into the 6th with a 8-6 lead. Burnaby answered with 1 run each inning until the 8th and they took the game 9-8.....what a long game!

Game #2 saw Dawson Yates on the mound and pitched 5 innings with 7 K's.  Josh Wyatt came in with the save in the 6th and Rutland took game #2 ( 8-7).  We were only able to complete 6 inning for it was too dark to play another inning.  Top batters were Senger, Johnson and Ballingall.  Morgan Lofstrom and Josh Wyatt each had a double and Cole Depner brought in 2 RBI's.

Game #3 saw Alex Ballingall got the start for Rutland, he completed 2 innings and Brandon Johnson had 1 K and came in to close the game.  Rutland ended up coming up short this game with the final score 6-3 for Burnaby.  Josh Wyatt's hit  scored Lofstrom and Handley to give the Rockies 2 in the 4th while Senger scored in the 5th with a solo home run.  We ended up out hitting Burnaby but were not able to bring in the runs.

The Rockies are off this weekend and will host North Delta on the long weekend.




 April 25-26 2009

Rutland Rockies Return From Their First Road Trip 


The Rockies returned home from the coast with 4 more wins after defeating Central Island and Naniamo. 

Game #1 saw Nolan Handley pitch a 5 inning game with 2 hits and 9 strike outs. Sam Kwasnycia and Dallis Senger drove in 3 RBI's piece.  The final score was 10-0 for Rutland.       


Game #2 the Rockies beat Central Island 13-7.  Dallis Senger started on the mound and pitched 3 innings with 2 hits and 3 K's.  Alex Fraser pitched 3 innings and Luke Cooke helped to secure the win with 2 K's in the 7th. Sam Kwasnycia had 2 triples and 1 double and Alex Ballingall contributed with a triple and a double. Cole Depner was 2 for 3 with 3 RBI's. Kody Smith had a great defensive game and showed excellent base running.

Game #3 against Naniamo found Dawson Yates on the mound. He pitched a NO hitter in 5 and Rutland won 14-1. Dawson was also 2 for 2 with a triple and 2 RBI's. Sam continued to be on the sticks and hit another triple and had 3 RBI's.  Nolan Handley was 3 for 3 and Luke Cooke was 2 for 3 with 2 RBI's, Luke also made an outstanding diving catch at second base to save a sure run in the third inning.

Game #4 saw Luke Cooke pitching 3 innings with 0 hits. Luke,  Brandon Johnson and Josh Wyatt pitched a combined 1 hitter. Morgan Lofstrom had a strong showing behind the plate as well as hitting 2 for 3 with 4 RBI's.  The score of this game was 22-0 for Rutland. Some of the strong showings at the plate were from Dawson Yates with 4 hits with 1 triple and Brandon Johnson with both a triple and 2 doubles. Rees Weninger was 2 for 2 and showed excellent defense.

 The Rockies host Burnaby this weekend at Edith Gay. 





   April 18-19, 2009


    The 2009 Rutland Rockies Bantam AAA Team Season Opener


The Rutland Rockies hosted Richmond this weekend for their first round of play.

Game #1

The 1:00 game on Sat saw the Rockies going into the 7th with a 9-8 lead. Alex Fraser, Rees Weninger, and Cole Depner all added hits to get runners into scoring position.  Sam Kwasnycia and Brandon Johnson added 2 RBI each for Rutland.  Josh Wyatt pitched 2 solid innings for Rutland.  Due to some good hitting by Richmond, Rutland ended up loosing the first game 13-9. 

 Game #2

The second game for Rutland started with a bang as Sam Kwasnycia hit Rutland's first homerun.  Dallis Senger started on the mound and pitched 4 innings, 0 hits with 7 K's.  Luke Cooke came in to preserve the win in the 5th and Rutland won 4-3.  Cole Depner showed some great defence behind the plate and Morgan Lofstrom played a solid 3rd base. Run support came from Nolan Handley, Dallis Senger, Dawson Yates and Kody Smith.

Game #3

Our 2 Alex's led the team in batting during game #3.  Alex Ballingall got 3 hits, 2 runs and 1 RBI. Alex Fraser OB % was 4/4 with a double....way to go Alex(x2).  Luke Cooke added 2 RBI's and Cole Depner added 3 RBI's.  Dawson Yates pitched 4 innings, 1hit with 4 strike outs.  Josh Wyatt (aka Josh WyaH) came in to preserve the win, the final score was 16-6 for Rutland.

Coach Mike was very impressed with the entire team and wants to congratulate the first year players for a such a strong showing this weekend.

The team is off to Poco this weekend to meet Central Island and Nanaimo





March 1, 2009    




The four coaches of the 2009 Bantam AAA Team

 are pleased to announce the roster for this year!

  • Alex Fraser
  • Alex Ballingall
  • Brandon Johnson
  • Cole Depner
  • Dallis Senger
  • Dawson Yates
  • Josh Wyatt
  • Kody Smith
  • Luke Cooke
  • Morgan Lofstrom
  • Nolan Handley
  • Rees Weninger
  • Sam Kwasnycia

Congratulations to all of you and I look forward to a great season.

Registration forms will be handed out on Tues-March 3rd and will be collected on Thur-March 5th.

Mike Senger- Head Coach



January 2009

Happy New Year to Everyone!

Winter baseball is underway and we are gearing up to pick the 2009 Rutland Bantam AAA team by the first week in March.  I am happy to have Ken Kwasnycia and Brian Wyatt on the coaching staff this year, I think we are going to have a great season.

The first round of tryouts for any boys who are interested will be at the Capital News Centre at 4105 Gordon Drive, Kelowna, on Saturday Feb 21st and 28th from 1:45-3:45. 

If you have any questions in regards to the tryouts, do not hesitate to email me at

Thank you.

Mike Senger- Head Coach





The FALL BALL season has come to an end.  I was very impressed to see so many kids come out to the tryouts.  We decided to make two teams this year.  Team #1 participated in Rutland's Fall Ball Classic and took first place.  They also traveled to the coast to play in the Poco Fall Ball Tournament. The team had an excellent weekend, they went 3 for 4 in round robin play and lost 8-7 to Burnaby in the final.                               Thank you to coach Tim and coach Brian for all your help during the Fall Ball Season. 

Team #2 participated in the Rutland Fall Ball Classic and did very well, beating Poco to take 3rd place.  These boys did excellent considering the majority of them had just came up from the Pee Wee Division and had no experience playing at the Bantam level.  Thank you to coach Todd, coach Tom and coach Ken for all their hard work.

I hope that all of the kids had a good experience during this very short season.

Thanks to all the parents for their support, and a special thanks to grandpa Jim for his support in POCO!

Coach Mike




Rockies will once again be hosting a Bantam Fall Ball Program.  Coach Mike Senger will be overseeing the program.  This is open to all players born in 1994 & 1995.  Athletes from all Okanagan associations are eligible to play.  This is a great opportunity to showcase your talent as a potential AAA player in spring. 

TRYOUTS:  Sept 6th & 7th - Edith Gay Park - 12:00 - 2:30pm

SEASON:  September 6th to end of September - one home tourney and one away tourney (TBA)

PRACTICES:  will be Tuesday's and Thursday's from 5:30 - 7:30pm

Please register by email response to Mike Senger at .  Please be there 15 minutes early to fill out registration forms.




A number of the Rutland Rockies have been invited to the Arizona Fall Showcase where they will play for the Minnesota Twins Team BC Scout Team!  The boys will be playing in front of hundreds of US scouts and play games against the likes of the Marniers Scout team for their respective age brackets.  The athletes will be leaving for Peoria, Arizona at the end of October.  Congratulations boys and we wish you a wonderful experience as you represent the Okanagan and Team BC.  Players invited to Arizona:

Class of 2012 - Dallis Senger, Luke Cooke, Sam Kwasnycia, Alex Ballingall

Class of 2011 - Zach McPhee, Clinton Heidebrecht, Ryan Wolansky, Keegan Moerike



Special thanks for the 2008 season:

Barry and I would like to send a special thank you to those that always seemed to chip in when they were needed.  I am sure we are probably overlooking someone so we apologize if we have forgotten anyone.   Rita for all your help in the club house and hours on the road, Steve and Darrel for all your hours prepping the fields, Kenny - our score keeping king, Traci and the other moms who always managed to have the best food for the guys,  Kathy our resident photographer,   Mike and Brad for hours and hours of time and effort coaching, the Ballingalls for hunting down sponsors (what a guy!), Suzanne for housing our out of towner (Luke!), our team grandma and grandpa for always having the tent, heater, chairs and any other odds and ends we may need (like wine).  Thanks also for all the parents who were supportive, positive and gave the time (and money) to drive your kids where they needed to be.  We believe this team truly came together and had a great season - from AAA season and BC Games to PNC and Westerns - we really have had a ton of really cool opportunities.  Sad to see the season end but really looking forward to watching these talented boys futures develop - thanks again for a great year.



Rutland is pleased to annouce the following players have been selected to the PNC to represent BC in Portland Oregon this August.  With 5 players cracking the rosters and 2 more on the alternates list -  Rutland Rockies program has really put themselves on the map for up and coming talent!!

Zach McPhee - 2011, Sam Kwasnycia - 2012, Luke Cooke - 2012, Alex Ballingall - 2012 and Dallis Senger - 2012.  Alternates - Dillon Kakoschke - 2011 and Ryan Wolansky - 2011.

Congratulations also to Zach McPhee who has been picked up to travel to the Western Championships in Estavan Saskatchewan to represent BC.  Way to go Zach and good luck as you compete to bring home a medal!



July 31st - Game #1 - Rutland vs. Richmond:  Rutland takes it 3-2 over the #1 seed Richmond.  A great start to the weekend as they take down the top rank team and win in the bottom of the 7th.  Zach McPhee pitched 5 stellar innings and Lucas Grant came in to close the last 2 innings.  Runners in scoring position in the 7th scored as Dillon Kakoschke put the ball in play for the walk off win.  Huge win - way to go guys

Game 3 vs.North Island - Rutland losses a tough one in the bottom of the 7th with a score of 4-3.  Clinton Heidebrecht got the start to complete 4 innings and Lucas Grant finished on the mound.

Game 3 vs. Ridge Meadows - Rutland losses another heartbreaker in the bottom of the 7th with a score of 11-10.  Rutland led 10 - 8 going into the bottom of the 7th but a few contraversial calls giving the Rockies a hard holding the runners on base and Ridge came up with a big triple to score the runs and get the walk off win.

Game 4 vs. Cloverdale - Rutland losses 5-0 with Dillon Kaskoschke getting a great 6 innings.  After a tough weekend and a few one point losses knocks the Rockies out of the semi's.

From a season beginning of tough losses, this team emerged as one of the most improved teams in the league.  Praise from coaches, opponents and even umpires can atest to the hard work and dedication of boys on and off the field.  What a run at the end - from bairly making the wildcard to just missing the top 4 in the Province there is a lot for all the players, coaches and parents to be proud of.  A season of steady improvement and solid performances from everyone.  Congrats to the 2008 Rockies - we wish everyone a great summer and good luck in the baseball world in the future as we have players moving onto the Midget age brackett and a strong handful that will be back to make their mark next year in the bantam AAA program. 



CHECK US OUT ON YOU TUBE !! - Compliments of Lorne White - Champions sports pictures and the Kelowna Daily Courier!


Rutland Rockies made short order of the competition last weekend as they blasted through the 1st and 2nd rank teams at the wildcard.  Rutland knocked down Central Island in the first round and took down Newton in the second game securing them the #9 seed  at Provincials this upcoming weekend.  Rutland hopes to continue the great baseball they have been playing for the past month and are ready to compete this weekend.   Good luck at the Provincoial Championships Rockies!!!! 



The Rutland Rockies played some of their best baseball when it counted.  Rutland came home adding 3 more wins to help their cause into the Wildcard tournament in PoCo.  One win coming against the powerhouse Victoria squad in an exciting double play to avoid the tieing run for Victoria in the top of the 7th.  Rutland pitching staff continues to pour it on as the year progresses, pitching 3 consecutive complete games by Lucas Grant, Clinton Heidebrecht and Zach McPhee all for wins.  Catchers Dillon Kakoschke and Ryan Wolansky had great outtings again to assist the pitchers.

Game 1 had Lucas Grant pitch a complete game with only 2 hits,  0 runs and 12 stikeouts.  Zach McPhee drove in 2 of the 3 runs.

Game 2 had Clinton Heidebrecht pitch the complete game with 3 hits, 1 run and 10 strikeouts for the 6-1 win.  Run support came from Zach and Nolan with 2 RBI's a piece and Dillon and Alex Ballingall adding one RBI a piece.  Dallis Senger also added 2 hits to get runners in position.

Game 3 had Zach McPhee take on the powerhouse Victoria team and came up with a complete game with 4 hits, 1 run and 9 strikeouts.   With only 1 hit from Sam Kwasnycia, the Rockies scored Clinton and Lucas off of 2 errors from Victoria.   Once again Sam Kwasnycia made some steller plays at short to bring the defense that spark.  This huge 2-1 win over Victoria puts them in solid contention for the wildcard to try and earn the berth into Provinicals.

Game 4 had Jeff Hayes get the start, who setteled in nicely to finish 4 innings and had Dillon Kakoschke come into finish the last innings.  Rutland took the loss with a score of 7-2 but were a threat till the very end with bases loaded in both the 6th and 7th inning but just couldn't bring them in.

Coach Barry, " The boys are just playing fantasic baseball right now.  We have come together as a team and they have really become not only teammates but friends.  This group is primed to make a run for it in the end.  On our best day this team has the potential to really make some noise at Provinicials. We have shown the league that we are by far the most improved team this year.  We have had many teams come up and complement the guys on major improvments.  Brad has done an excellent job in the bullpen with the guys.    I am proud of the way these guys have held up their heads through a tought first part of the season.  They never gave up and neither did the coaching staff.  We all felt that they just needed the experience and then it would fall into place."

The Rockies stay put for the weekend and compete at the VOC's and rev up for the wildcard on July 18, 19 and 20th.  Way to go Rutland!!!


Check out the new photo's under the "more than baseball" album - thanks for the pic's Kathy Senger!


Rockies showed they mean business this weekend.  With a 2-2 record the Rockies took 2 tight losses - one to Vancouver 1-0 and Abbotsford 3-2 in extra innings.  With both Abbotsford and Vancouver being one of the top teams in the league, Rutland showed just how much they have improved. 

Game one show cased great pitching performances from Dillon Kakoschke and Dallis Senger in the Abby game - Player of the game going to Dillon Kakoschke for an impressive 5 innings on the mound.  Alex Ballingall had a great game with the bat going 2 for 3 and taking a hit for the team.  It ended in a tight extra innings battle 3-2 for Abby.

 Game 2 was Burnaby - Clinton Heidebrecht pitched a complete game for the 8-3 win over Burnaby winning the player of the game.  Great bat support for the Burnaby game was evident as all players contributed.   Luke Cooke was on base all four times with great patience on the bat and scoring twice. David and Zach also scored 2 runs a piece.

 Game 3 was a pitchers dual as Zach Mcphee stepped up against the Vancouver Mounties (23-3 record).  Zach blew past Vacnouver wiith 12 strikeouts and only 2 hits pitching a complete game in the heat winning POG honors. The game gave the Rockies a new pitching record of back to back complete games from the pitching staff in Zach and Clint..  Vancouver eventually took the game 1-0 but with high meritt from the announcers as one of the best games of the day. 

 Game 4 was to showcase first year Sam Kwasnycia at shortstop playing an unbelieveable defensive game and the win over PoCo.  Sam was responsible for 5 out of 6 outs in the 3rd and 4th innings alone earning him POG honors.  It goes without say that he performed like that all weekend long giving the Rockies a chance to win in every game.  David and Ryan each scored 2 runs.

Coach Barry, " These guys performed fantastic from start to finish.  They are playing with more confidence and really showed themselves and everyone else that they can play with anyone."  Coach Wayne from Abbotsford commented,  "This is definitely not the team we play against at the beginning of the year.  If Rockies make the wildcard  teams better watch out."


Next up the Rockies travel for one last set league games to hopefully move into wild card contention. Rutland faces off against Mid Island on Saturday at Bird field and Victoria at Cromie park on Sunday.  Good luck Rockies!!!!



Rockies started out with a solid first game to end regualtion in a 10-10 tie.  Cloverdale would explode on the bats in the extra inning to take the game 19-10.  Game 1 highlights were Dillon Kakoschke and Zach McPhee each hitting home runs to bring in a combined 7 RBI's.  Lucas Grant was once again stellar on the mound.  Catcher Ryan Wolansky took one for the team and had a hard home plate collision injuring his knee and hip.  Game 2 & 3 were tough ones as they were mercied by Cloverdale.  Amongst the 2 tough games Sam Kwasnycia stood his ground going 2 for 3 and added a stolen base.  Game 4 was looking like a repeat of game 1 except Rutland worked hard on the bats to tie it up with a big double from Jeff Hayes.  Rockies went on to win in the extra innings with some great defense and some great pitching from Jeff Hayes.  Other mentionables from game four were Dallis Senger going 4 for 5 and almost hitting the cycle with 2 singles, a double and a triple.  Lucas Grant added another homerun and Zach McPhee brought 3 solid innings on the mound.



Congrats to the Rockies athletes that made the BC Summer Games Team.  The players will be competing in the 2008 BC Summer Games hosted here in Kelowna July 24th - 27th.  Stay tuned for full BC Games details as the schedules emerge. 

 The following players have been selected:  Luke Grant, Nolan Handley, Clinton Heidebrecht, Dillon Kakoschke, Sam Kwasnycia, Zach McPhee, Keegan Moerike, Dallis Senger, Ryan Wolansky and alternates Alex Ballingall and David London will train with the team.  We wish you all the best as the games training begins.



Rutland Rockies return from the coast again with one more win.  Friday night first game saw the Rockies jump into the tourney with a 7-4 win over Newton.  Player of the game was Clinton Heidebrecht pitching 4 innings for the win with only 2 earned runs, 6 strike outs and 2 for 3 on the bats.  Dillon Kakoschke also help the offense roll with his first homerun of the year.  Some extra effort defence from Sam and Ryan sparked the Rockies and added to the victory.  Game 2 saw a tough loss against a good Vancouver squad 18-1.  Amongst some very strong batting and to many of our errors the Rockies still saw some good things from a few first years.  Pitcher Dallis Senger earned Player of the game awards with some solid pitching including 4 strike outs.  Game 3 had the Rockies battle PoCo for an 8-4 loss but they would put up a fight.  Minus one coach from the field, the Rockies battled but couldn't seem to catch up as they left runners stranded at 2nd and 3rd bases in both the 6th and 7th inning.  Player of the game award was isssued to Lucas Grant for six strong innings on the mound including 6 strikeouts and adding 3 stolen bases.  The Rockies take a break from the road in the month of June as all their games are home for this month.



The Rutland Rockies came home adding just one win but showing huge improvments overall as a team.  Rockies battled a hard fought loss with PoCo in Game 1 going extra innings with a score of 5-4.  Zach McPhee and Jeff Hayes pitched very well that game.  Game 2 would end with an 8-4 loss as PoCo hit a 3 run dinger in the 5th to push them ahead.  Sunday saw the Rockies face Coquitlam Moody that was just coming off a big win over Cloverdale.  Sunday mornings game was a tough one as Rutland was leading 6-4 at the top of the 6th inning.  The Reds rallied for a 7 run inning but the Rockies weren't quite finished.  They battled back with 2 more runs and had bases loaded but couldn't quite finish the threat as they went down 11-8.  Sunday afternoon was to be the only win for the Rockies with a 6-5 score over  the Reds with help from pitchers Nolan Handley, Dallis Senger and Dillon Kakoschke.  The pitchers had a much better weekend overall making a big difference.  Rockies bats came alive this weekend adding 4 home runs:  Zach Phee (2), Luke Grant (1) and Sam Kwasnycia (1).  Catcher Ryan Wolansky had a great weekend catching adding some good defensive plays.   Coach Heidebrecht, "The boys did a much better job at being patient batters.  It gave them the opportunity to make good choices on their swings resulting in better team batting and put the opposing pitcher in a little more trouble working late into the count.  They are starting to realize that they can become 2 strike hitters.  Sam was a great example of that this weekend going 3 for 4 in Game 4 with all 3 hits (including a homerun) coming off of a 2 strike count.." " I also thought we did a better job of coming up with some big defensive plays.  Except for one bad inning in Game 3, our defense sparked some energy with the boys which translated into better overall team effort."  The Rockies look to continue the team effort this weekend with an exhibtion tourney in PoCo starting Friday night under the lights.



The Rockies fell 4 straight to the visiting Ridge Meadows team this weekend.  Despite the 4 game losses a few Rockies players had some highlights.  Keegan Moerike led the offensive charge with 5 doubles and a single.  Nolan Handley pitched a complete game in the fourth game losing 5-0 but going the distance with  6 K's and added 2 singles and a double.  Dillon Kakoschke played a key roll for the Rockies this weekend.  Dillon went on to to play shortstop, 3rd base, pitcher and catcher on the weekend also adding a couple of doubles showing his ability to play everywhere.  The Rockies look to improve their record this weekend on the road having all pitchers healthy and Clint and Zac back from Volleyball Nationals.  "We are getting some good contacts on the bat but we just can't seem to string them together to generate the runs, " said Coach Barry Heidebrecht.  " It is a difficult thing in a sport that is measured on individual efforts (stats) to refocus them into team effort.  This team is struggling with that concept right now.  When we learn to play for the win column instead of the stats column, we will be a much better team.  We are young but I do think we have the talent."  Rockies play Saturday against  PoCo and Sunday against Coquitlam Moody Reds.



The Rockies walk away 1-1 on the weekend against Newton.  The Rockies won the first game 9-5 with solid batting across the board.  David London, Clinton Heidebrecht and Ryan Wolansky all had multiple hits get the offense moving.  Jeff Hayes picked up the win with a solid 5 innings and Zach McPhee closed the deal in the last 2 innings.  Game 2 was a tight game tied 1-1 going into the 7th inning.  Newton scored the winning single run to end out the game.  First year Nolan Handley pitched a solid 3 innings with 6 strike outs.  Pitchers Clinton Heidebrecht and Luke Grant chipped in two innings a piece on the game.  Keegan Moerike produced 2 of the teams lone 4 hits with a single and double.  David London drove in the only run of the game.  The Rockies are looking forward to the weekend off this coming weekend.  They will need the break as they head to the coast on May 10th and 11th to match up against North Island and Central Island.



After getting snowed out on Saturday, the Rockies pushed ahead on Sunday to play Coquitlam Moody for a double header.  Game one had pitcher Clinton Heidebrecht go the distance in the game giving up just one earned run.  Rutland found their bats as Luke Cooke and Dallis Senger added 3 RBI's a piece and Zach McPhee added 4 RBI's including a home run.  Rockies took the game 11-1 in five innings.  Game two saw Luke Grant pitch the first 3 innings with no earned runs and Zach Mcphee finished the game on the mound in 4 innings with only one earned run.  Dallis Senger, Luke Grant, Clinton Heidebrecht, Dillon Kakoshke and Alex Ballingall added RBI's to earn the win with a score of 8-1.  The Rockies host Newton this Saturday at Edith Gay Park.


Rutland Rockies got off to a slower start than they had hoped this weekend against Abbotsford.  They look to group for the next set of games against the tough Coquitlam Moody squad.  A couple of highlights for the Rockies was pitcher Lucas Grant going 5 innings on the mound and hitting 6 for 10 over the weekend.  Dallis Senger added a triple and a double in the final game where the Rockies lost a tight one in extra innings 8 -7.  Having pitcher Zach McPhee back in the pitching line up is bound to help and some healing of smaller injuries to Sam, Jeff and Keegan will give us a boost as well.  Rockies are set to host the Coquitlam Moody Reds this weekend - hope to see you all there.  Game times are Saturday at 1:00 pm and 3:30pm and Sunday at 10;00 am and 12:30pm.

Be sure to check out photos of the Rockies under the "photos link" on the left.  Kelowna Daily Courier's Lorne White was on hand to capture some action shots on the weekend.  Pitchers Dillon Kakoshke & Dallis Senger, Sam Kwasnycia, Luke Grant and Ryan Wolanksy have action shots from the weekend!  More photos from the weekend can be found and ordered on line by visiting Kelowna Daily Couriers website .  Thank you Lorne for your support of Rutland Minor Baseball and the AAA programs!


Reminder that we have practice this weekend on Saturday from 4:00-6:00 and Sunday from 4:00-6:00pm. We will also be having a parents meeting following the practice on Sunday at 6:00pm. Please ensure one parent is present for this meeting.


The coaching staff for the 2008 season are please announce the roster for this years team:

Ballingall, Alex
Cooke, Luke
Grant, Lucas
Handley, Nolan
Hayes, Jeff
Heidebrecht, Clinton
Kakoshke, Dillon
Kwasnycia, Sam
London, David
McPhee, Zach
Moerike, Keegan
Senger, Dallis
Wolansky, Ryan

We will begin practices this week on Tuesday and Thursday, April 1st & 3rd from 4:30-6:30pm. We will also be doing sizing for your Rockies gear. Please check out the calendar for practice and game times. Our season schedule is also posted. We look forward to a great season and are very excited to get rolling!

For tryouts & practice:
1. Baseball pants, belt, cleats, glove, cup
2. Shirts tucked in and hats worn to the front
3. Water bottle
4. Arrive 15 minutes early and help set up field


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