If your player is serious about raising his or her game to next level we do offer training at variuos different locations in the Katy area. Training will involve evaluation and a detailed workout program

Indivual lessons $55 a hour...                                            
$40 a hour for commiting to 5 or  more sessions            
Private Lesson (One Athlete)
You will improve your conditioning and fundamental basketball skills working one-on-one with an experienced coach!

Westside Force Basketball Lessons can help you improve individual skills including shooting, passing and ball handling. Each player receives a custom program geared to their specific abilities. Players, and parents can request me to focus on specific skills the player is looking to improve.

Group training 2-6 Player $50 a hour
$25 a hour if commiting to 5 or more sessions

Semi-Private Lesson (Two Athletes or More)
Two players work hard to push each other to improve basketball skills.
These lessons will work on fundamentals and also provides a chance to compete against another player.

Workouts will focus on each player’s unique performance goals and emphasize the following:
     -How to become a scorer 
     -Position specific offensive moves 
     -Defensive concepts and fundamentals 
     -Ball Handling & Passing
     -Game-like situations through competitive drills
     -Competitive games