The WestSide FORCE is an AAU Basketball club comprised of ages 9u -17u boys teams.  We were established to teach the IMPORTANCE OF TEAMWORK, to nurture the HABIT OF GOAL SETTING and to develop SKILLS not only FOR the game of basketball but also for LIFE. We are a Christian based club that uses the sport to augment Christian morals and values and to develop character and discipline as well as respect [for self and others]; all key ingredients for true success. Lessons learned on the field of athletics have far-reaching affect on our everyday dealings in life.  We derive great personal satisfaction by using the sport, resting on the solid foundation of the WORD of God, to prepare young men and ladies to become responsible leaders of the future.               

    In our attempts to become champions on the basketball court, we develop the necessary components to become champions in life as well.  Championships are won at every level and in every arena as a result of hard work in combination with team effort.  No man is an island.  It is through joint effort and synergy that we achieve lasting success.  The word Synergy means that the total is greater than the sum of the individual parts.  In other words its not about YOU - Its all about the team.  The bible says [paraphrased], two are better than one; and many is better still, because what is unified and tightly bound together is not easily separated, broken or defeated.  


            FORCE guidelines and expectations:     


·         Be a man of character and discipline. At home, in the class room and on the basketball court.  Failure to maintain a high-standard could result in your dismissal from the team

·         Respect your teammates. If you disrespect your teammates – or coaches, you will be asked to find another team.  Teamwork is the most critical element of success.  Remember that “the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack”

·         Respect the coaching staff.  All adults, be they coaches, parents or referees, should be referred to as “sir” or “ma’am”

·         Never criticize the referees.  Your job is to play the game, theirs to officiate it.  If there is a dispute about anything let your coach(s) address that issue with the ref – NOT YOU

·         Accept constructive criticism from the coaching staff without pouting.  Criticism is not meant to discourage, but to give correction and to teach you to be accountable for your actions.  Mediocre men want authority without accountability

·         Be dedicated.  You always get out what you put in.  True in basketball; true in relationships; true in life

·         When a coach is talking, LISTEN; it is a simple fact that when you listen you learn.

·         Wherever you are, BE THERE; simply put, when on the court FOCUS on the game of basketball and the goal of winning.  When in the classroom FOCUS on your class work and the goal of achieving good grades

·         NEVER let anyone out work (or intimidate) you;  At the end of the game if you have given everything you had [not having allowed fear to paralyze your efforts], then you will leave the court a winner (regardless of the score)

·         Never lose sight of who you are and whom you represent; Remember that though you have the word FORCE written on the front of your jerseys, you have the nature of CHRIST written deep within your hearts.