Jun 24/21
1:36 am

Pine Tree Soccer League



Pine Tree Park

Pine Tree Soccer League would like to thank the following sponsors:

Deal or No Deal
Its a gameshow and this site is sponsered by many gameshows
2005 Fantasy Football:Norway Fantasy Football League
Its the 2005 Fantasy Football League
Barcelona Futbol Club
Barcelona,UEFA Champs, is the official ball of the PTSL
2006 Fantasy Football:Denmark Football League
This Years fantasy football league starts 9/7/06
Michigan State Spartans
Fieldballers favorite college
Pine Trees
Its what our field is named after so without that it wouldnt be called Pine Tree Park
The Price is Right
If you wake up early on weekdays, turn to CBS at 10am for this great gameshow
Super Password
A great Friday gameshow turn to gsn at 1 to see it
World Series of Poker
Everyone loves the wsop, and remmeber; "Bring your bucks or get........."
u know the rest
Dickie V
If ur a college basketball fan, u gotta love DICK VITALE BaBY
Norway is the official sponser of the 2005 Norway Football League
If you watch super password, right after at 1:30 watch Card Sharks
Match Game 74
One of the greatest gameshows ever, on at 2:30 and 10:00pm, dont miss richard dawson on this great show, and dont miss the Pav version of it


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