Apr 4/20
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Edgewater Park

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  • Welcome to the new home of the E.P.A.A. 9-10 year old sluggers
  • A big thank you to our sponsor Walter Snover Funeral Home
  • Thanks for a fun season....cya in the fall
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(Jun 2/07)

***Wednesday May 23 ***

A big thank you to our sponsor WALTER SNOVER FUNERAL HOME


Hey guys,I just want to say THANK YOU ! I had a great time coaching you this year. We ended the season with 159 stolen bases...GREAT JOB. I hope to see some of you for fall ball, Have a great summer,Watch baseball. See ya all later

Coach Bow

To the Players and Parents,

The Bowker's thank you for your kind words the plant and the gift.On the passing of my Mom. This made me feel that the team is part of my family. It really made me feel good that you all took the time to set this up.I will save the cards and reflect on them for years to come.




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This is my 6th year coaching baseball, First time coaching a younger team. I coached 3 years here in E.P. for the 13-15 Babe Ruth and 2 years with the 16-18s in Burlington. The 9-10s really love the game and I get a chance to teach them some baseball.

Parents-Everybody plays in every game.>

Players... As your coaches we will help you

To have fun
To learn skills
To be coached as a child, not as an adult
To get to play your fair share

With these rights you have responsibilities that you must accept. Among these RESPONSIBILITIES are:

To try your best at all times
To give your coaches the respect and attention they deserve
To be present and on time for all team activities
To respect the rights of your teammates
You must fulfill your responsibilities if you expect people to respect your rights.>


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