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(Jun 23/10)

For an excellent game and effort by all players.
(Jun 26/10)

Posted Jul 5/10 - Season Wind-up

Hi Everyone Coach Charles here! On behalf of your coaches we would like to thank you all for a fun season and great overall team effort!

FYI, uniform hand in is this Wednesday July 7th at Noel Booth Parking Lot between 6-7:30 PM, I will have the player jerseys that were borrowed for Regionals.

Also we would like to plan the wind-up party for the July,17th 18th weekend at Al Anderson Pool in Langley at Approx 1:00PM, we need volunteers for the food and drinks BBQs etc, and your coaches will pay for the players pool admission. Please let me know via email if this week end works for all as well as the food or drink items you will supply.

Thanks and Best Regards!

See you all soon.... Your Coaches


Posted Jun 24/10 - Last nights game & player of the game

Hi everyone Coach Ron here. "WOW" what a great game last night. Let me tell you that your coaches were very proud of the effort everyone gave during the game. We had some good hits and even better fielding. I remember a couple of super pick ups and throws to get runners at first by both Chloe and Remy. Katie pitched great with 3 scoreless innings but a lot of that success was due to all the great fielding around her. Stephanie also got in the action by getting tha bat on the ball and I could hear the parents from the green team shouting out great hit #2.  All in all just a real good game so WELL DONE TEAM.

Okay let's do player of the game. Last nights game was a total team effort so the player  of the game is......"THE TEAM" good job, well done.      

Posted Jun 22/10 - Last nights game & player of the game

Hi everyone Coach Ron here. Saw some good things out there last night. Some of the highlights were a big hit by Emily and on our other hits there was great hustle by everyone to first base. In the 3rd inning Remy pitched well and threw out a runner at the plate with Ashley making the tag. Just an excellent play by both players. The next inning we had 2 great plays first by Katie throwing out a runner at first from third and on the next pitch Ashley grabbed the grounder back to the mound and made a strong throw to first to also get the runner. What finished off those two plays were the backhand catchers by Bonnie at first. So as you can see there were many positives to come out of last nights game, so WELL DONE TEAM.

Okay lets do player of the game. Not only did she get a great hit combined with intelligent base running, she also made her pitching debut. So for all those things this weeks player of the game is EMILY. Good job Emily, well done.

Posted Jun 17/10 - Last nights game & player of the game

Hi everyone Coach Ron here. Good game last night. Looks like our bats have come alive just in time for the upcoming league playoffs. Our pitchers had a few strike outs and we also saw the pitching debut of Bailey. We also got an out at home and at third so well done TEAM.

Okay lets do player of the game. For the first time this year we have a two time player of the game. For outstanding hitting the player of the game is "SIOBHAN" aka Bonnie. Good job Bonnie well done.  

Posted Jun 15/10 - Last nights game & player of the game

Hi everyone Coach Ron here. That was a very good hitting game last night. Both our pitchers and their pitcher were putting the ball in the strike zone which allowed both teams to put on a pretty darn good hitting display. I remember some great hits by Bailey &  Brittney and Hayleigh continues to impress me with her desire to hit.  I thought everyone gave it their best at the plate last night so "GOOD JOB TEAM".

Okay lets do player of the game. There were quite a few candidates for player of the game but one player did everything she was asked to do last night. Not only did she have a great hit but when told to slide into third which was the only way to be safe she did. So for great listening, sliding and hitting the player of the game is "BRITTNEY" Good job Britt, well done.   



Hi team Coach Ron here. Good job at last nights game. There were some real nice moments in the game where we really looked like a team. Our pitchers and catchers did a very good job and Hayleigh you were outstanding behind the plate last night. We ran the bases well and like last year we will be the best sliding team in SQUIRT. Don't forget to be in full uniform (that includes hats) tonight 6:00 at the batting cage for pictures and please don't be late as we are only having a 1 hour practice. Take care everyone see you tonight.


Hi Everyone Coach Charles here, great game tonight girls it was fantastic to see the team battle back we started hitting our stride in the last 2 innings pardon the pun! LOL :) ! We will see you all at Noel Booth on Wednesday and remember to arrive just before 6:00 so we can stretch, and warm up prior to starting our pre game drills. We hope Chloe feels better, have fun and rock on everyone! Bye for now.


 Hi everyone Coach Ron here. I had a Sunrun commitment today so I missed our game but Coach Charles filled me in on everything and it sounds like it was a really good game today, so well done. 

The season schedule starts tomorrow and we are the home team and the game is at HD Stafford. If you are not sure where Stafford is just check under the Field Bat in the upper left bat column and the address for all the parks we play at this year are on there. Go on the LFA website for any other parks and maps if required.

The weather network calls for possible rain tomorrow so make sure you check our website before you head to the park  to see if the game is cancelled. If you see nothing then the game is still on. Remember to arrive before 6:00 and  be stretched and warmed up to start drills at 6:00 sharp.

That's it for now. Again great job at the ICE BREAKER. See everyone tomorrow. 

April 16 part 2

Hi again Coach Ron here. I have added a few more items into the bats, so have a look in the bats labeled videos, contacts and fields. The logo on the front of the tiger jumping through flames will be replaced soon with a team picture.   

April 16 part 1

  Hi everyone Coach Ron here. I hope you like our teams new website. I am still fine tuning everything but we are ready to go as of right now.

This website will make it easier for your Coaches to communicate with all the players and parents. Hopefully this will eliminate most if not all the time consuming phone calls we have been accustomed to in the past. 

It will be the players and parents responsibility to check the website to check on any changes such as new practice times, rainouts etc.   

On the upper left you will see a column of baseball bats. Click on the Calendar bat and see all the important dates so far for this 2010 baseball season.

I will fill in the other bats with the applicable information as I get the chance.

The Ice Breaker is this Saturday & Sunday. Please arrive at Noel Booth by 9:00 We will meet beside the batting cage. Look for Squirt Division sign and line up for the parade to the opening ceremonies. 

Both Coach Charles and I are looking forward to a great season. We are committed to playing the game the right way and our focus for this entire season will be on "FUN" and "FUNDAMENTALS"

Speaking of Fundamentals, this year they have implemented the rule that anytime there is a play at the plate the runner must slide or be called out. Last year we were the best sliding team in Squirt so I see no problem following this rule change.

Another important rule to remember is no jewelery of any kind can be worn. Please remove all jewelery don't tape over it. Medical braclets or chains can be worn but must be taped to the body. 

That's it for now. Check the website often for new information.

Look out "SQUIRT DIVISION" here comes the "X X XTREME FLAMES" 


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