Apr 16/24
7:25 pm

Johnstown Super Stars




Member of the Women's Blue Chip Basketball League

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Countdown to Meet & Greet @ Sweet Frogs
(Jun 10/14)

Posted Jul 6/14 - Good Job!

We started the season late, but we finished it out. No, we didn't win any of the few games that we had, but just being part of the league this year let us see what we need to work and a great opportunity for our city and ourselves. Even as this is being written, I am not ashamed or fell bad about the outcome of our short season. It let's me see what I need to work on, gave me an opportunity to do something I love doing, and getting to know a group of women that I can call part of my family now. There is alot of time for improvement and to get ready for next year's season. For the few teams we played, we will see you next year. Good luck in the rest of your games and God Bless #SuperStar

Posted Jun 2/14 - Tryouts!!!!

Hello! We are having tryouts for the Johnstown Superstars!!!

June 8th from 4p - 6p @ Roxbury park (If rain: YMCA in Kernville 100 Haynes St)

$20 non-refundable registration fee

You will know if you made the team the same day.

Any questions, contact Tanea Preston (412) 863-8587


We are currently under construction....come back soon to see what's going on!

The Super Stars are coming to a city near you! 



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