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Welcome to Upper Chesapeake Fastpitch Softball. Presently our program is open for girls 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U. We are looking for teams that you assemble through your own recreation program such as your all-star team or travel team. It can also be a weekend tournament team that plays in the many regional tournaments offered. Currently we are accepting teams from Harford and Baltimore County only.

Some of the reaons for playing in the Upper Chesapeake League are to offer your area a change to play summer ball. As we all know, the recreation season seems to fly by quickly and this program actually will expand upon your recreation season. This program also helps to improve the level of play in our entire area as well as spark more interest in the local recreation programs, which in turn will help boost falling registration. This program will help the players prepare for high school ball by strengthening their skills and it also provides excellent game play for tournaments.

Upper Chesapeake Softball will organize area team playing schedules as well as provide game balls and umpires. We also organize periodic meetings at convenient locations to distribute information and materials and hold discussion and feedback to shape a strong competitive and pleasurable game play.

Upper Chesapeake Softball asks area teams to provide a local field for home games. You will play each team twice, 1 at your home field and 1 and your opponents home field. Please help us build skills and spirit to encourage the growth of the game and program as well as other programs in our area. We encourage all teams who participate to attend meetings with input and feeback to help shape a strong program.

For questions about our programs, please contact us at


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