Jun 10/23
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Team Northwest Florida Sharks



Pensacola - Ft Walton Beach

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  • Key to winning, "Dedicate yourself individually and collectively as a team to play DEFENSE ... AGRESSIVELY!!!
  • TRUST your coach... TRUST your teams' practice/game system... TRUST your teammates... TRUST yourself!!!

Welcome to Team Northwest Florida Sharks

Where the committment is teaching our youth basketball's fundamental skills and the importance of TEAMWORK and RESPECT through basketball competition.

Our Vision and Mission...........

Vision: To assist young student athletes to receive scholarships through basketball competition. Enhance spiritual growth, life skills, leadership, personal communication and teamwork through coaching sessions, discussion and athletic competition.

Mission: Expose high school student athletes to competitive basketball at its highest levelÖon a national platform that is not available during their regular high school basketball season. Allow athletes to travel outside their local communities, to observe and compete against student athletes from other regions of the United States.

************************************ TOURNAMENT RESULTS *********************************

AAU Boys Tournament (Pensacola, FL), April 30th & May 1st, 2011, for the 10th and 11th grade teams.

The 10th Grade Team were runner up in their division. The entire team played hard and left it all on the court. I am really proud of each player; they completed at the level required to be successful. This team will continue to improve individually and collectively. 

The 11th Grade Team faced a greater challenge in their division. With the teams lack of height proved to be too much to overcome, so we as coaches and players must take advantage of the teams quickness and shooting ability. This was the team's fiest tournament of the AAU season and there were signs of strenghts and weakness, but I am excited of where this team is headed and it must be a commitment from each player to do it as a team with players on the court and on the bench.

*******************************************WAY TO GO SHARKS***********************************

PRACTICE: Next practice for all teams is scheduled for Thursday, May 5th at 5:45pm at the Pensacola, FL Salvation Army Community Center.

This Week's Basketball Tip - April 18th:

Too Soon To Quit...Too Late To Complain...................

DEDICATION and COMMITMENT are interpersonal values that are not coached. A PLAYER's DEDICATION and COMMITMENT must be self-imposed and have the will inside to do so.

AAU Team Information:

AAU Club Member Since 2003: AAU Club Code: XTA5DE 

For more information, contact Coach Gregory Torry at 850-803-3048.



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