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Team Loganville

Countdown to Shout Shootout
(Mar 6/10)

American Legion Post 233

2012 Baseball tryouts


May 6th - 7th

Legion Field at West Walton Park, Loganville



Time: 6:30 8:30 each night



Eligibility requirements: 


Junior team must be born after January 1st 1995


Senior team Must be born after January 1st 1993. If graduated from high school in 2011 must have been on a Legion roster last season.


Cost:  $350 per person, (at least 20 games and State tournament)


Number of players on the roster :  18 per team




 For additional information contact:


Seniors Donny Seals (423)463-7737


Juniors Chet Fowler  (404)610-6733


Facebook: - Post 233 baseball




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