Sep 25/23
11:32 am

Sky Box Stadium
Wiffle Ball



St. Louis

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  • Welcome to the Home of SkyBox Stadium
  • 2012 All Star Game on July 12
  • New Batters Box is just installed
  • Wiffle Ball at its greatest: SkyBox Stadium
Player of the week:
(Jul 6/11)
Ryan Essar


SkyBox Stadium... 

Thanks you for the incredible last 3 years of Wiffle ball at SBS. We loved every minute of it and look foward to the new league. We continue the playoffs into te new league. If interested in following Oak Run Wiffle Ball, here's the website....

Thanks! And for any curiosity, the field is going to be retired and the new field will be named

SkyBox Stadium Memorial

The old field is becoming a lacrosse training facility and a

New garden for my mother who has supported Wiffle ball very year and gave up her garden for SBS Wiffle to be possible, thank you!









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