Dec 1/23
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Sand Sharks




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  • Sand Sharks Role in 2nd Game, Remain Undefeated
  • Sharks Look Strong Early in the Season
  • Sexiest Team on the Des Moines Circuit
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Player of the game:
(May 16/08)
Gabe Rodriguez

Gabe's stellar peformance was capped by a one handed desperation play from the back row. Gabe's back row play on friday only secured his spot as one of the best liberoes in the league.
Countdown to Sharks vs. Twisted Parrots
(May 23/08)



Friday night marked the first time the Sand Sharks took the court versus someone other than themselves.  The Sharks got off to a rocky start against "We'll Kick Your Pass."  However it was not long lived, as the score stood, the Sharks trailed 14-6 when team captain Eric Schultz took control of the game and served 10 straight points to stage a comeback of epic porportions.  Gabe Rodriguez, a last minute addition to the team gave an exellent effort in the latter matches.  Justin Mease's play at the net set the tempo for the next two games as the Sharks cruised to easy victories.  "Once we finally got going, and everyone settled down, we saw the talent and potential this team has,"  said Schultz.  "Both Jen and Lauren played great in the second and third games, plus Kadi stepped in and gave us a tremendous effort."  The Sharks attack next friday at 7:15 in Des Moines.





Mission Statement:

The Sand Shark Volleyball Club was created to serve as giving select residents of Ames something to do Friday nights in the summer.  The Club itself is a vehicle to further the ideals of sportsmanship, unity, and a sense of achievement.  The Club is for the players, and will do whatever it can to provide an environment to help the players develop on the sand, and off.








We are extremely excited to bring you into our organization as a member of the inaugural Sand Shark Volley Ball Team.  We are impressed with your skills on the court and as an upstanding member of the community.  Please take a moment to thank those who have gotten you to this point in your playing careers.  Now that you are a member of the Sand Sharks, you are more than just apart of an organization, but a part of a family.  Some of the tentative off court activities that will accompany this up and coming season will include a Sand Shark Bar Crawl, Cook out, and a possible pool day.  The competition starts in May and runs into the first week of August, a total span of 14 weeks.  We are busy making preparations to take a bite out of the competition, make a splash early, and find uses for other shark related cliques.  Thank you for your time, and remember when you put on that uniform, you are not only representing yourself, but the entire organization and every other player in the Sand Shark Family.  ITS A GREAT DAY TO BE A SHARK! FINS IN!




Eric Schultz




S.S.V.C. President

Team Captain



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