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Countdown to HEAT End of Season Party -
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Welcome to the Rancho Trabuco HEAT 8u 2005 All-stars website!
We're looking for any photos you would like to include on the website.

2005 District 8U Runners Up! The Heat is in the hoouusseee! Congratulations to all the girls on a fantastic weekend!

Head Coach Mario Ramirez
Assistant Coach Pat Chamberlain
Assistant Coach Tim Nolte
Team Mom's Karen Karlan & Jackie Dawson & Pam Chamberlain
Web Site Don Dawson
Sports Writer Keith Sharon

Introducing YOUR 2005 Rancho Trabuco HEAT All-Stars
#00 - Meagan "Blizzard" Adamson
#24 - Dani "Fear Factor" Chamberlain
#30 - Jayme "Wild Thing" Cone
#22 - Carlie "TNT" Dawson
#10 - Caitlin "Chaos" Harman
#2 - Rachel "How U Doin" Karlan
#16 - Megan "Taz" Linderman
#23 - Lindsay "Shredder" Nolte
#14 - Rachel "Down N Dirty" Phillips
#34 - Kelsey "XXX" Ramirez
#11 - Alison "Terminator" Sharon
#12 - Amanda "Baby Ruth" Vargas
#24 - Lea "Bruiser" Wodach

Rancho Roundup Tournament pictures are HERE! More pics to follow.

Rancho Roundup Tournament Highlights

WAGON WHEEL - Six tournaments. Five trips to the semifinals and beyond. 22 victories in 29 games. Countless incredible memories.

The Heat wilted opponents from Rancho Penasquitos to Glendora, from Los Alamitos to Irvine. They made their league, their teammates and their parents proud. It's too bad all-star play doesn't last forever.

The Rancho Trabuco 8U girls all-star A-team lost in the semifinals Sunday, 10-3, to Huntington Beach, a team they had beaten twice already this year.

It was a six-week season full of competitiveness and laughter. The cheers drowned out the tears. The girls made new friends. The parents bonded. The siblings played enough wiffleball to become professionals.

By the end of all-stars, some facts had been established:

Rachel Karlan was going to grind out victories on the mound.

Rachel Phillips was going to come in for saves and catch everything at first base.

Kelsey Ramirez was going to get on base and steal bases.

Jayme Cone was going to lay down key bunts and hustle in the outfield.

Megan Adamson was going to put the ball in play and throw runners out at first from right field.

Amanda Vargas was going to crush high fastballs and make outfielders back up.

Carlie Dawson was going to drive in runs and make plays at third base.

Alison Sharon was going to hit line drives and throw people out at home.

Megan Linderman was going to smack extra-base hits and play tough at catcher.

Lea Wodach was going to hit in the clutch and throw runners out trying to steal.

Caitlin Harman was going to be a fearless baserunner and make every play at shortstop.

Dani Chamberlain was going to get the girls pumped up and catch the ball no matter where she played.

Lindsay Nolte was going to hit the ball hard and turn balls hit to right field into outs.

Julio Vargas was going to do jumping jacks in left center field, causing opponents to wonder just how crazy these Rancho parents are.

Edd Karlan was going to nearly get thrown out of a game despite his diminished role as "dugout pencil boy." Edd proved to be a harsh father-figure for the girls, who actually pointed fingers at him, laughed and asked if he had pencils for sale.

Keith Sharon was going to say or do the wrong thing at precisely the right time (to an umpire, or in an elevator).

Don Cone was going to worry so much about his daughter's appearance that he would constantly be heard yelling, "Jayme, pull down your helmet" or "Jayme, pull up your knee pads." The heroic Don Cone, of course, looked marvelous for six straight weeks.

Adele Wodach was going to scare opponents with her guttural screams that sounded like Barry White on steroids.

Bryan Phillips was going to pace and sweat and worry and nearly get in a fight with someone, including opposing coaches.

Jackie Dawson was going to offer a seat on the "love couch" to anyone who walked past the field. However, she found very few takers.

Rick Adamson was going to constantly remind everyone that in Jersey, he didn't have all this fancy equipment and organized sports activity. "We played stick ball, and we stole cars," Adamson said. He seemed proud of his checkered past.

Nancy Gill (Sharon) was going to place her chair further and further away from her loud-mouthed husband. But when he was thrown out of the game, Nancy would begin screaming at the umpire herself.

Don "Anvil Adams" Dawson was going to sneak around with his camera and try to catch the Heat parents in embarrassing moments for his private collection.

Katie Adamson was going to fill her mouth so full of sunflower seeds, keeping her from screaming indiscriminantly and being committed to an asylum.

Phil Harman was going to show up only occasionally, spewing wisdom from his 47 years of coaching and being married to Mary Beth. Harman, of course, never missed a game of shuffle board.

Lauren Nolte was going to endure this season, compiling material for a
future novel about crazy redneck parents called, "Get Me Out of Here."

Writer's note: Send letters of complaint to Don Dawson, who operates the best website in RTGSA history.

Cypress "Districts" Tournament Highlights

CYPRESS - Even when you're the Heat, you can get hotter.

The Rancho Trabuco Heat turned a warm summer weekend into a blazing fire in the Central Orange County District Tournament, finishing second in what the tourney director called the toughest softball bracket in California.

Rancho Trabuco defied the odds, pulling out victory after victory to reach the championship game before losing to a very strong West Grove team, 6-0. West Grove, by the way, has gone 78 games without losing and has won the district tournament four straight years.

The Heat used incredible pitching and defense as well as some timely hitting to raise their overall record to 20-6 in five weeks of all-star play. Irvine, Orange Villa Park, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach and Los Alamitos should have used more sunscreen this weekend because they all got burned by the Heat.

It was the best Father's Day present that any Dad received on Sunday.

The Los Alamitos game was particularly sweet. The Heat rolled to a 3-1 victory after Los Al had won the two previous matchups 9-1 and 9-2.

For the entire weekend, the Heat rode the back of its workhorse, pitcher Rachel Karlan. Special K had the mojo working like never before, mixing fastballs and change-ups that baffled opposing hitters.

In the Los Alamitos game, Karlan went through a stretch of five innings in which she pitched to only 15 batters. The only two baserunners she allowed were immediately thrown out by catcher Lea "Sure Thing" Wodach, who was, again, a rock behind the plate.

Karlan's Sunday performance was an incredible display of endurance. Of the 23 innings played, she pitched 22. Her mother, Karen, stopped telling her to "stand tall," because she was standing tall all day.

Coach Mario Ramirez made a strategic switch that paid off big time. He moved Carlie Dawson to third base, and she played flawlessly. In her first two innings at the position this weekend, she made four defensive plays. Carlie "Ortega Pena" Dawson continued smacking line drives at the plate.

Rachel Phillips handled everything thrown her way at first base and caught several line drives.

Caitlin Harmon covered all the ground between second base and the snack bar, earning her nickname and playing gold glove shortstop. "Snack Bar" Harmon also contributed with the bat and on the bases, constantly putting pressure on opposing teams.

Outfield play was one of the Heat's advantages this weekend. Lindsay Nolte, Jayme Cone and Dani Chamberlain each made a catch under pressure. Nolte's catch was a running, backhander that took away a sure double.

One of the stars of the weekend was Alison Sharon, who hit the ball hard every time up for seven straight games. Against Huntington Beach, Sharon drove in the game's only run in a 1-0 victory, and helped preserve the win with two catches in the outfield. On the game's final play, Sharon's throw to home plate stopped a Huntington Beach baserunner who was ruled out for hestitating. She was probably admiring Sharon's throw.

The Heat beat OVP in extra innings. Trailing 4-3, Kelsey Ramirez dropped down a perfect bunt. Karlan scored from third base and Nolte scored the winning run from second when the catcher missed the ball. The Heat stunned OVP with a 5-4 victory.

In the Los Alamitos game, Amanda Vargas busted open a scoreless tie with a two-run double down the left field line. Those runs proved to be the margin of victory for the Heat.

Sometimes in softball, the elevator goes all the way to the top of the bracket and you win the championship. Sometimes it gets stuck on the way to the top.

That's exactly what happened to a group of Heat fathers Saturday night. The boisterous group, taking advantage of pre-Father's Day good will, went out to shoot a little pool. Edd Karlan, sporting a black eye he received in a mysterious gymnasium encounter with Tim Nolte, wanted to go home early so he could complain to Karen about his eye.

Karlan led the group of Dads to elevator No. 5. Some 2,300 pounds of stud (we'll include Karlan for math purposes) got onto that elevator. And 2,300 pounds of stud nearly brought that elevator down.

There is a rumor that Keith Sharon began jumping in the elevator and yelling "Rancho's in da House," but that has not been confirmed by a credible source.

Karlan began hyperventilating until Don Cone, the heroic Don Cone, saved the day by using brute strength to rip open the elevator doors.

This week, the Heat plays its final tournament of the season at home.

Luckily, there are no elevators at home.

Los Alamitos Tournament Highlights

LOS ALAMITOS - The Heat stayed hot.

The 8U girls from Rancho Trabuco reached the semifinals in their third tournament of four they have played this all-star season, beating San Pedro, 3-1, in an intense Sunday morning game.

The Heat raised their record to 15-4 overall, but lost to Los Alamitos Sunday afternoon.

The victory over San Pedro turned out to be a sweet present for Heat coach Mario Ramirez. The girls helped the legendary coach celebrate his 67th birthday, and the wind helped the old coach blow out all the candles.

Behind the pitching of the Rachel Attack (Karlan and Phillips) and Carlie Dawson, the Heat shut down the San Pedro bats. Leah Wodach, proving her versatility, switched from catcher to third base and made an incredible play, catching a grounder and throwing a runner out
at home to protect an early lead.

Offensively, the Heat took the lead over SanPedro on an Amanda Vargas line-smash double that was followed by an Alison Sharon RBI-single.

With the score tied 1-1, Jayme Cone and Kelsey Ramirez contributed key bunt singles. The Ramirez hit drove in what proved to be the winning run.

Lindsay Nolte had two line-drive hits to center field, one of them knocking in the final run.

The game was the most heated the Heat has played this season with loud-mouth parents, like the popular and good-looking Keith Sharon, screaming at a San Pedro coach. When order was restored, the Heat held on for the victory.

The outcome of the game might have been different if Rachel Karlan's father, Edd, hadn't saved the day. Karlan, the dedicated patriarch, had is golf game interrupted by an angry, expletive-filled phone call from his wife early Sunday. That's when Karlan went into action,
driving all the way to Daily's Sports Grill, and rescuing the cleats that were mistakenly left
behind the night before. Not only did Karlan pick up the shoes, he bought a rose for Karen and delivered both to the game on time.
Nice save, Edd.

The second game of the day wasn't good. The Heat parents could have taken the high road, but the low road is where most of us live.

The officiating was called into question by both sidelines after the ump made some very "interesting" calls. Don Dawson, the otherwise mild-mannered photographer, lost his mind for an inning or two, mimicking the other coach's strange brand of enthusiasm. It seemed to work.

Pool play featured victories over Cypress and Whittier. Vargas made the games her version of "The Amanda Show," smashing line drives with regularity. Dani Chamberlain laid down a
well-placed bunt that kept a rally alive. Megan Linderman showed off her arm, gunning down a runner at third base.

Caitlin "Snack Bar" Harmon earned her nickname throughout the tournament. When there are two outs, and it's hit to Harmon, everybody can go to the snack bar. She's going to make the play.

The outfield was on fire as well with a trio of great plays. Megan Adamson continued her hot hitting and made a terrific catch in the outfield. Rachel Karlan also made an amazing catch in the outfield helping to stop a Los Al rally. Carlie Dawson joined the party when she made a great throw off a relay to throw out a swift runner trying to score a home run. A perfect tag was once again applied by Lea "Sure Thing" Wodach.

Editor's note: The post game party at the Chamberlain's house was a huge success despite the basketball court pummeling handed to Sharon, Chamberlain and Rick Adamson by Karlan, Tim Nolte and Phil Harmon. Nolte and Harmon had secretly practiced for weeks, hoping to catch their unsuspecting opponents off guard. The strategy worked. Of course, Nolte will have to explain to his wife how he went to a party and had a sweaty man rip
his shirt.

SPECIAL NOTICE! The Website staff apologizes for the snail like progress we make in uploading the photos. I will prepare a DVD with ALL pics of All tournaments for each family when the season is finished! I have some great shots of all the girls. Don

Placentia/Yorba Linda Highlights

YORBA LINDA - Sometimes, even furious rallies fall short.

The Rancho Trabuco Heat, on a roll during a 9-game winning streak, manufactured a three-run late-inning rally, but were defeated by a talented team from Bonita Valley, 5-4, in the Placentia/Yorba Linda Tournament.

The Heat had the tying run at third base when the final out was recorded. Bonita Valley made several terrific defensive plays on line drives that could have changed the outcome.

Overall, the Heat has compiled a 12-3 record in all-star play. In the PYL Tourney, the Heat outscored opponents 33-13, but it wasn't enough.

The big story of the weekend for the Heat was the offensive explosion of Amanda Vargas. The slugger, nicknamed "The Babe," belted a grand slam and a solo homer. She has now hit three home runs in three weeks of all-star play. Julio Vargas, the proud papa, was seen buying drinks late into the night Saturday. If his daughter's hitting prowess continues, the Vargas family may need to take out a loan from hotel-magnate Edd

Behind the pitching of Rachel Phillips, the defense of Rachel Karlan, two timely bunt singles by Jayme Cone and a line-shot double by Megan Linderman, the Heat almost pulled off the come-from-behind victory against Bonita Valley.

The hitters haven't slowed down. Carlie Dawson, Alison Sharon, Megan Adamson Lea Wodach, and Caitlin Harmon continued to pound the ball, contributing important RBIs.

Dani Chamberlain busted a line smash that was caught, or the Heat may have advanced toward their second-straight tournament crown.

Phillips, Karlan, Dawson and Lindsay Nolte pitched well, giving the Heat a chance to win.

Lea Wodach was rock-solid behind the plate, as opposing teams have virtually stopped trying to steal bases on her. At the plate, Wodach continues to abuse pitchers.

Kelsey Ramirez hustled and played excellent defense.

This week, the Heat play in the Los Alamitos in their final tuneup before the District Tournament in Cypress.

Penasquitos Tournament Highlights

RANCHO PENASQUITOS - This is what an offensive explosion looks like:

Megan Adamson. BOOM. Lea Wodach. BOOM. Rachel Phillips. BOOM. Caitlin Harmon. BOOM. Carlie Dawson. BOOM. Amanda Vargas. BOOM.

Six pressure-packed hits produced five decisive runs.

When it was over, the Rancho Trabuco Heat had a 5-0 victory over Bonita Valley and some new hardware for the shelves in their rooms.

The Heat captured the Rancho Penasquitos tournament crown by winning six straight games,
outscoring opponents by a combined tally of 37-12. The string of victories brings the Heat's record to 9-2 during all-star play.

The tournament highlights included Rachel Karlan pitching until her arm almost fell off,
Wodach and Vargas belting home runs, the foxy Mommies doing the "We Wanna Rally" shake, and Edd Karlan finding out how far 20 bucks will go in a San Diego hotel bar.

With Rachel Karlan hurting in the championship game, Rachel Phillips came in firing strikes. She pitched out of a bases loaded jam and shut down Bonita Valley for four innings.

Phillips closed out victories in the semifinal and final game.

Despite the offensive explosion, the Heat won with strong pitching and tremendous defense. Harmon covered what seemed like half the field for the entire four-day tournament.

Kelsey Ramirez nearly went head-first into the fence to make a miraculous catch on a popup in the semifinals. Wodach gunned out a runner trying to steal.

Lindsay Nolte helped preserve one victory with a running catch in right field. Adamson did an incredible Vladimir Guerrero impersonation, throwing out two runners at first base from right field.

The hitters went crazy with Megan Linderman and Alison Sharon ripping RBI base hits during pool play.

Dawson, a line-drive machine, seemed to be on base every time up. It was enough to make Jackie Dawson twirl her hair and do the always entertaining "Drive the Bus" dance.

Karlan busted a triple over the right fielder's head, prompting scattered shouts of "How U Doin" all over the field.

Dani Chamberlain made several defensive plays. Jayme Cone snagged a hard-hit ball in the outfield.

In the championship game, coach Mario Ramirez decided to use a continuous batting order, sticking with the lineup that has served him well in the all-star season so far. The Bonita Valley coach decided to sit four of his players and used only 10 hitters.

Ramirez lifted the championship trophy above his head and said, "Let's hear it for the Heat."

The Heat is on again this weekend in the Placentia/Yorba Linda tournament.

Check out the new photos from the Penasquitos Tourny. Please email any pics you have (save at 72 dpi) to! There's more on the way.

Oceanside Tournament Highlights

OCEANSIDE - If you can't stand the Heat, get out of the tournament.
The Rancho Trabuco Heat finished in a tie for third place, posting a 3-2 record in the prestigious Riptide Tournament this weekend. The Heat beat Vista, San Dieguito and Rancho Bernardo by a combined score of 23-0.
The Heat were eliminated by West Grove in the semifinals.
Saturday's games were full of highlights.
Dani Chamberlain got the offense started with a bases-loaded blast that drove in three runs.
Rachel Karlan, Rachel Phillips, Lindsay Nolte and Carlie Dawson combined to pitch shutout softball for three straight games. Karlan, the workhorse, used a killer changeup to baffle hitters.
Phillips, one of the offensive stars, hit line drives all over the field. She also caught several line drives to stop opponents' rallies.
Nolte and Dawson hit the ball hard all day long.
Caitlin Harmon made a dazzling, back-peddling catch at shortstop to preserve one of the shutouts.
Lea Wodach gunned out stealing baserunners, throwing fear into the hearts of opponents up and down the tournament schedule.
From her position in left field, Alison Sharon threw a bullet on the fly to home plate to gun down a runner trying to score.
The Heat used a "small ball" attack, with several bunt singles turned in by Kelsey Ramirez, Megan Adamson and Jayme Cone.
Amanda Vargas and Megan Linderman hustled constantly, helping the team to victory.
Sunday, the Heat played a gut-wrenching, heart-stopping game beating Rancho Bernardo,
1-0. Karlan was masterful on the mound, blanking Rancho Bernardo for 3 1/3 innings.
Wodach gunned down another baserunner and thoroughly ended Rancho Bernardo's running game. Sharon drove in the winning run with a single up the middle. The hit came against one of the toughest pitchers in the tournament. Ramirez, playing shortstop, calmly scooped up a bases-loaded grounder and nailed the batter at first base to help maintain the lead.
In the final inning, the tension was thicker than Edd Karlan's accent as Rancho Bernardo put the potential tying run on base. All-star coach Mario Ramirez called on Phillips to close out the victory. Bryon Phillips, the pitcher's father, nervously clung to a pole down the right field line as his daughter struck out two batters to preserve the victory.


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