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Countdown to the playoffs!
(Apr 19/08)
Welcome to the Red Rebels New Home Page!

This event is a one-match a week round-robin competition for the best players on Yahoo to play Literati and see who the very best player on each of three different timers is.

To join please post in the forum listed at left in the JOIN thread after reading it.

Once you're playing, you'll be assigned a schedule to play every Saturday. On Monday - Thursday, use the contact info on the page to find your opponent and schedule a time for Saturday. If you cannot, you will be assigned a time on Friday.

In the 1/2 division, each match will be a best out of 5 series. In the 3/0 division, each will be best out of 3. In the 5/15 league, it is one game, winner take all. To report a win or loss, send the result to [until report match button is added]. Please report GAMES won as well, e.g. "Denise defeats Mike, 3 games to 1"

If players miss their scheduled time for their game, they must reschedule as soon as possible before the final match date, to be announced on the first day.
The competition will be run as a seven-week format, each player facing another once, with the top four advancing to a bracket/playoff. The winner of the playoff will be grand champion for the season.


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