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Countdown to 12U Girls Winter Season Play
(Jan 6/16)
Posted May 14/15 - Coach Phil

Phillip Robinson, former ball boy of the Tarrant County Regulators from 2003 -05 while attending junior high and high school will join the staff as an asst. coach with the 12U prep Regulators this will allow Phil the opportunity to gain experience while not having the pressure associated with being a head coach, as he learn the game from a coaches perspective he played basketball but coaching has a different outlook on the game, he is a young man who enjoy's the game of basketball and teaching kids the sport of basketball .

His father Tom is head of security for the RDBA Regulators and is a retired police officer, we as a program look forward to Phil becoming a very good coach.

Posted Oct 8/14 - Roster Size

All RDBA Basketball teams carry a roster of 10 players at the 12u and 13u  level in order to place each player in the position of developing on the court, the only way to get better is by making mistakes and correcting them and that can only be done through playing time in a game setting.

Players skills should be developed before entering the middle school level where they will be in a catch up mode if the basic skills needed to enjoy playing the game hasn't been made.

Posted May 5/14 - Seasons

The RDBA 13U Boys will only play a Summer tournament season because boys within this age grouping are preparing for the school season after Summer our goal is to offer development through drills,practices and game competition verses very good talent they may not see once the school season starts.

Our 12u boys play a Winter/Summer tournament program again verses some of the best competition we can schedule.

The 12u girls play a Winter season and Winter/Summer tournament schedule as a program we attempt to develop them into solid players within the sport and prepare for middle school play.

Posted May 5/14 - Youth Select Basketball

Welcome to the companion site exclusively for the RDBA Regulators 13u and 12u boys and girls select basketball teams this site only supports information pretaining to the youth level teams of the Regional Development Basketball Academy other companion site to the academy are The Tri-Angle monthly newsletter that offer information and stories on the college prep program and the RDBA .

Parents may now follow the youth select players on this site while following the link into the Tri- Angle or directly onto the academy site to get news and information on the college prep level team.

Welcome to the RDBA Regulators Prep Basketball New Home Page.


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