May 30/23
6:24 pm

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Countdown to Excel Program Begins
(May 23/08)

Welcome to the Richmond City Baseball Tadpole Division Home Page

Looks like the sun has come out of hibernation and we are getting some real baseball weather now! We are seeing some good, competitive games this season.

Our teams and coaches this year:
Blasters (Montgomery, Young)
Carnivores (Linden, Carpenter)
Eagles (Dowle, Scarrow)
Hornets (Pulis, Bell)
Mariners (Humphreys, Lunny, Wong)
Red Dragons (Dawson, Minato)
Scorpions (Howell, Zastre)
Terminators (Wong, Yau)
Vultures (Moscovitz, Lester)
Wildcats (Krause, Reynolds)

What a great success! We played 3 fun games in the Emerald City against our Seattle opponents, followed by a stroll around Safeco at field level, then an exciting 4-2 victory by the Mariners. Not to mention all the fun at he hotels! Many thanks to Madeleine Csillag-Wong and Trevor Rennie for organizing the whole thing.

We will be running the Tadpole Excel Program every Friday night, 6:00 at Dixon School, from now until playoffs. Our Head Coach is Wayne Pulis and our Pitching Coach is Ted Lunny, with other coaches helping out. This program is a series of special extra training sessions for kids keen for more baseball and who would like to start learning more advanced skills, such as pitching, catching and stealing. These practices will be open to all kids, though they are most appropriate for those who will be moving up to Mosquito the following year and for those who wish to play All-Stars in July.


Tadpole All-Stars is a season that runs for the month of July. We play teams from all over the Lower Mainland. Home games will be at Gibbons Field. We play using Mosquito Rules, meaning that the players pitch; stealing, bunting and advancing on overthrows are allowed. This program is most suitable for competitive players that will be moving up to Mosquito the following year (year 1999). However, first-year players (year 2000), are welcome to try out, if you think they have the required skill and competitive spirit.

This program requires a higher level of commitment than the regular season. In addition to keeping the month of July free, players will be expected to play games or practice 4 or 5 times per week. Coaches will be putting in even more time; as well as attending all games and practices, an elevated level of planning and skill development is required. The ultimate goal is reaching the Provincial Championships on the August long weekend; the minimal goal is to provide a lot of fun and excitement, as well as a high level of training to our players.
The team will be limited to 13 or 14 players. We will be having tryouts and training the last week of June, and final selections will be made by the 30th. We hope to start the season by entering a tournament for the July Long Weekend. Players who wish to get a head start on training are strongly encouraged to attend the free Friday Excel Practices, which start on May 23rd. Although the skills taught at Excel are the same as those needed for All-Stars, attendance at Excel is not required for All-Star participants, and will have no bearing on final selections.
Registration forms can be found at http://rcba.goalline.ca/page.php?page_id=8893. Note the June 2nd deadline, as we cannot accept applications after that. I would appreciate if you would let me know if you are interested in having your child try out, so that I can have an idea of our numbers for the tryout dates. Please direct any questions you have to me.


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