Feb 4/23
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MLB Dugout Heroes



myrtle beach

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  • MLB Dugout Heroes is a online baseball game
  • Everything on the site was created by *Gunnar k*
  • E-mail me at if you wanna play
  • Standings with be updated by week.please tell me your record of your account
Player of the game:
(May 12/09)
Doug English

Countdown to MLB Dugout Heroes . games start
(May 15/09)

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Hey this is Gunnar (owner) of this web site.  MLB Dugout Heroes is a online baseball game, that lets you become a team(YOU CAN ONLY HAVE 1 TEAM PER SCREEN NAME,SO CHOOSE WISELY). When you get a screen name and etc. done , you then have to do the batting and pitching tutorals(do em for some coins to buy stuff and other players from other years).when you get that finished with, you can then play online( add {  Hamels3553 } and { 34davidortiz34 } to your friends list on the screens top right button.Then start playing.  MORE TO COME!!!! btw you can find the games download and sign up form on the LINKS part of this web site on the left bar options.


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