May 30/23
10:28 pm

MC United Soccer Club




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  • -MC United Soccer Club-
  • -If you live in Edmonton....this is the Club to play for!!!-
  • -All levels of Adult Soccer covered-
  • -Very strong 'social' atmosphere!-
  • -Everyone plays!-
Countdown to Las Vegas CO-ED Friendship Tournament
(May 14/12)
Mission Statement & Core Values

MC United is an organization which is dedicated to the enjoyment of soccer, which we recognize as one of the greatest sports in the world. This Club was built on a foundation of multiculturalism where all are welcome to play. Our core values include fair play and good sportsmanship, comradery and a social atmosphere which extends beyond the field of play. The Club exists to ensure that it's members have ample opportunity to participate in a broad spectrum of soccer related events at a competitive level commensurable with the individual's skill level. MC United recognizes the value of each and every member and his or her right to equal playing time on their designated team. Membership itself in the Club is free. MC United operates as a non-profit organization collecting fees only to cover costs of operation and to facilitate social events.


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