Jul 22/24
8:53 pm

THE 007s




Member of the L.M.S.A. SLO-PITCH

Team Ticker:
  • Team Windup is Saturday October 3.
  • Don Miller 5-5 on tuesday, way to go Donnie!
  • Kristine Duke - Day to Day - Hand Injury. Charles Smadella - game time decision - chick burn.
  • Remember - we will always have that come back win against the DOGGPOUND!
  • Big Homerun last night by Blair Darragh - landing down in the ditch and than some!
Countdown to Fall Ball Tournament
(Oct 2/09)
Posted Oct 1/09 - Come Together!

A minimum amount of people showed up at the ball park last night, not in the stands - on the field. The 007's had 10 people show up to fill out their roster, 2 of which needed to leave early (Jeff and Dave S), so it was now or never for the 007's - and they chose now as they struck quickly against the slumping, under manned Supa Flies.


Posted Sep 23/09 - 007s Clip Angels Wings

The bats came alive and the defense put their offense to sleep. In a huge showing after Sunday's split the 007's put it all together and handed Charlie's Angels a 16-2 defeat Tuesday night at Little Mountain Park.


Posted Sep 20/09 - History Repeats Itself in 007's Split With Beer Nuts.

It was a windy day when it started, and a windy day when it ended and the only thing that changed was a win and a loss for the 007's. With no manager on site Sherry Hennessy piecemealed a shoestring lineup that sent 13 batters to the plate in the first inning scoring 7 runs - and leaving the bases loaded. With the wind helping keep the ball at bay and Kristine Duke's strong pitching - the 007's won Game 1 8-6...


Posted Sep 18/09 - 007 Play Spoiler in Comeback Effort

The 007's needed 6 runs in the bottom of the 6th to tie the Manitoba Hillbillies last night at Little Mountain Park. The game ended in a 15-15 tie. A three run 2 out double by Danielle Smadella helped pull the 007's within 1 after a slew of singles started the comeback. The hard hit grounder squirted through the legs of the third baseman and took a hop that eluded the left fielder, sending the ball scurrying into the field. Setting up the tying RBI by Mike Schroeder.



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