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(Sep 30/12)
Rob Timlick

Really, everyone contributed to our second championship in two seasons. Having Rob back on the mound, three homers from the girls, excellent defense....the list goes on.
Countdown to Windup!
(Nov 1/12)
Posted Oct 2/12 - Dodgers Repeat as Champs!

The Artful Dodgers won the Division 2B championship this past weekend, but it was a rough road getting there. After dropping 8 of their last 9 regular season games, the Dodgers continued that trend by losing all three round robin playoff games on Saturday. They weren't competitive in any of those games, looking lost in the field and at the plate. The only highlights of Saturday were a beautiful 3-person relay from the outfield to nail a runner at the plate, a big homer from Yhana, and Donahue using a hard grounder to smash the sunglasses of an opponent who'd been mocking him earlier.

Sunday was a complete 180o for the team. Rob returned to the mound and brought some defensive stability to the team. While the back-up pitchers did a great job, having Rob on the mound allowed the team to field the best possible defense behind him. The Dodgers lost a close game in the morning thanks only to some great hitting by the opponents in the bottom of the 5th. The B-side semi-final was equally close with the Dodgers emerging on top 12-11. It was a nice bit of revenge against a City Slickers team that scored 5 runs in the bottom of the 7th last Wednesday to stun the Dodgers.

In the final, the Dodgers were up against That's What She Said. A team that has won a few summer championships and recently beat up the Dodgers to the tune of 23-13 in a regular season game. In another fitting result, That's What She Said were mercied in 4 innings by a score of 14-4.

It's been a very rewarding year covering the Artful Dodgers Slo-Pitch team and this reporter looks forward to another great year in 2013. Enjoy the off-season Dodgers!



Posted Aug 30/12 - Injury List
 Player  Injury  Duration 
 Lee Murray  Chronic Wuss Syndrome  Long Term DL
 Steve Baria  He Just Sucks  Permanent
 Rob Timlick  Chronic Junk Envy  Long Term DL
 Matt Hickey  Broken Foot  Day-to-Day
 Mer Johner  Hand Job Shoulder & Tender Girl Parts  Day-to-Day
Posted Sep 27/12 - Who Knew Rob Would Be Missed?

Although the Dodgers have already lost two of this week's three regular season games, there is still a glass half full way of describing things. Both opponents were fun to play and evenly matched. Both games could have gone either way (despite the score in the first game), but the Dodgers were in tough from the get-go without any experienced starting pitcher at the game on Monday and attempting to get more experience on Wednesday for another pitcher to prepare her for the playoffs. All three pitchers did remarkably well under the circumstances and, in some cases, were let down with some defensive brain farts. Would the results have been different with Rob on the mound? Possibly, but there are very few pitchers in the entire league with his accuracy and reliability.

Props to Josh, Donahue, and Kathleen for stepping up when the Dodgers really needed someone to!

In related news, Dodgers captain and all-around awesome dude Mike Johnson (not to be confused with the City Slickers' older yet equally awesome version) took a beating. Not the sort of beating Rob likes to hand out, although it did involve ball on ball action. On Monday, Mike's left nut (why must it always be the left one?) was not-so-gently caressed by a not-so-soft softball. On Wednesday, it was a forearm and the chin that suffered from an unlucky bounce. He even managed to out-acci Acci-Prone Mel for the week (though there's still one game left for her to regain the crown).

This reporter won't be at the game on Friday. Instead, he will be reporting on a sexy paramedic house-warming party in Riverton! He'll be wearing the mantle of drink critic instead of sports writer.

See you after the playoffs, faithful readers!


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