Dec 2/23
3:39 am





Team Ticker:
  • Welcome to the new home of Arsenal!
  • Random player fact: Andrew has been #7 since he started playing soccer
  • Random team fact: on September 13th, our Arsenal won 3-1, the UK Arsenal defeated Blackburn 4-0
  • Joshua is a leftie, and Zachary is half a leftie, try to figure that out!
  • To avoid confusion, Steven Waxman is now just known as "Waxman" or, occasionally "The Waxman." Steven Milov is now "Meatloaf." Yes, it's ok to yell "Go Meatloaf!"

Congratulations to the new head coach, Christopher Barker!

Please click HERE to see updates and announcements, including cancelled practices and games.


Our team is named in honor of the Arsenal Football Club in the UK. This team got its name when a group of workers at the Woolwich Arsenal Armament Factory formed a football team in 1886. According to the official Arsenal website, their first match was a 6-0 victory over Eastern Wanderers. While we won't be playing any wanderers, let's follow their distinguished example and play our best from the very beginning. 


Soccer Anthem (Ole ole) - Soccer


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