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Las Vegas Outfitters



Las vegas

Player of the game:
(Oct 17/10)
Chris Gschwender

Chris threw 8 and 1/3rd innings with 14k's and giving up no earned runs and only had 4 walks. Chris also put the team ahead by hitting a inside the park homerun.

Outfitters Headed to the Championship! Outfitters win Round 1 of Playoffs Jason Gschwender Homers to Beat the Hurricanes Chris Gschwender Does it All Mike Finateri Does it Again! Outfitter's pick up 2 Forfeit Wins Doug Davis Hits 20th Homerun Mike Finateri Sets New Franchise Record
Outfitters Headed to the Championship!
Nov. 15, 2024 - The Outfitters beat the Hurricanes 14 to 5 in the semi final game which advances them to a 3 game Championship series against the Senators. Read More...
Outfitters win Round 1 of Playoffs
Nov. 08, 2024 - The Las Vegas Outfitters won the 1st round of the 2010 Fall Season playoffs. They defeated the Vandals in 9 innings of a score 9 to 5. Read More...
Jason Gschwender Homers to Beat the Hurricanes
Oct. 17, 2024 - The Outfitters were down by 1 run late in the game and Jason Gschwender came up to bat with 1 out and a runner on 1st. Jason took Justin Spurrior's high fast ball over the center field fence to give the Outfitters the lead. Read More...
Chris Gschwender Does it All
Oct. 17, 2024 - Chris Gschwender got his 3rd start of the season against the Seantors for the Outfitters and pitched a great game, all the way to the 9th inning. Chris threw 8 and 1/3rd innings and had to come out in the 9th beacuse of a injury. Chris had 14ks, 4 walks and gave up 2 runs that were beacuse of errors in the field. Read More...
Mike Finateri Does it Again!
Oct. 17, 2024 - Mike Finateri got the start against the Hurricanes in the Outfitter's 1st game of thier doubleheader. The weather was terrible, it was windy and raining the majority of the game. However, the weather did not phase Mike Finateri on the hill. Mike was able to throw a complete 9 innings against the tough Huricanes hitting team. Mike gave up 7 runs, 14 hits, 6 strike outs, 4 walks and hit 2 batters. That was enough to get the win with the help of the Outfitter's offense and solid defense in the field when the team needed it. Mike is now 2-0 with 2 games started this season for the Outfitters. He also went 4 for 4 with an rbi and 2 runs scored. Read More...
Outfitter's pick up 2 Forfeit Wins
Oct. 10, 2024 - The Outfitters showed up ready to play. However the Demons and the Senators were unable to put together a team. The Outfitters pick up both forfeit wins and move on to a 10-3 record with only 3 regular season games left. Read More...
Doug Davis Hits 20th Homerun
Oct. 03, 2024 - Doug Davis hit his 20th Outfitter career homerun, and 120th rbi against the Vandals on the October 3rd. Doug is currently the all time leader for the Outfitter's in Homeruns(20), Rbis(120), and Batting Average(.552) . He has played 59 games for the Outfitters. Read More...
Mike Finateri Sets New Franchise Record
Oct. 03, 2024 - Mike Finateri got his 1st Outfitter career start on the hill vs the Vandals, in the 1st game of the Outfitter's double header. Mike didn't hold anything back in his complete game victory. Mike gave up 8 hits, 3 runs and 4 walks in 9 innings pitched. Mike set a new franchise record by striking out 15 batters. At the plate he went 2 for 4 with a single and a double with 2 rbis. Read More...


The Las Vegas Outfitters are now known as The "STALLIONS"! for more info


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The Las Vegas Outfitters were formed in early January of 2009. As soon as the team was formed there has been high expectations for the team.  The 2010 Fall season is here and the Outfitters team is out to win a championship this season. The Outfitters are always looking for adittional sponsorship and players to fill the roster. If you would like to sponsor the Outfitters or play for the team please email coach Doug at












Top Performers in Outfitter History

100 at bats min/ 30 innings pitched min.

Batting avg.

1. Doug Davis .533

2. Joe Altizer .525

3. Mike Finateri .525

4. Austin Geschke .510


1. Austin Geschke 131

2. Doug Davis 128

3. David Jones 109

4. Joe Altizer 83

Games Played

1. Austin Geschke 73

2. David Jones 71

3. Derek Schmidt 70

4. Doug Davis 66


1. Doug Davis 20

2. Austin Geschke 10

3. Joe Altizer 9

4. Cj Najera 6

At Bats

1. Austin Geschke 257

2. David Jones 242

3. Doug Davis 240

4. Derek Schmidt 196


1. Austin Geschke 30

2. David Jones 28

3. Doug Davis 20

4. Joe Altizer 19


1.Austin Geschke 3

2. Joe Altizer 3

3. Derek Schmidt 2

4. Jason Davis 2


1. Doug Davis 128

2. Austin Geschke 51

3. Joe Altizer 43

4. David Jones 42

Stolen Bases

1. Austin Geschke 68

2. Derek Schmidt 65

3. David Jones 57

4. Joe Altizer 45

Runs Scored

1. Austin Geschke 99

2. David Jones 89

3. Doug Davis 78

4. Joe Altizer 57


Games Pitched

1. David Jones 47

2. Jason Davis 15

3. Austin Geschke 14

4. Cj Najera 13

Innings Pitched

1. David Jones 135

2. Cj Najera 58

3. Carlos Mazon 55

4. Chris Gschwender 37

Earned runs

1. Chris Gschwender 10

2. Mike Finateri 12

3. Justin Lombardo 24

4. Cj Najera 30

Strike Outs

1. David Jones 162

2. Carlos Mazon 52

3. Chris Gschwender 51

4. Cj Najera 38


1. David Jones 9

2. Carlos Mazon 7

3. Cj Najera 4

4. Justin Lomabardo 4


1. David Jones 7

2. Cj Najera 1

3.Justin Lombardo 1

4. Larry Dungy 1


1. Chris Gschwender 2.41

2. David Jones 4.22

3. Cj Najera 4.66

4. Carlos Mazon 5.85





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