Dec 5/23
12:01 am

Juan De Fuca Grizzlies B




Team Ticker:
  • Welcome to the new home of the Juan De Fuca Grizzlies B
  • Next Play-off game VS Peninsula
  • Grizzlies are going to be without forward Tanner Biggans for is actions against Cowichan in the second last game of the season
Player of the game:
(Dec 8/07)
Nick White

Nick White was named player of the game saturday with the Grizzlies killing the hawks 10-3 White at 2 goals and a helper to help his team beat the hawks
Countdown to Road Game Vs Pennisula
(Feb 9/08)

The Grizzlies End the season on a high note

The Grizzlies ended there season on a high note saturday with a 10-3 win over the Victoria Ice Hawks. Victoria scored first early makeing it 1-0 and then Wyatt Oickel put one home to make it 1-1 then the Grizzlies were shorthanded and then Victoria scored to make it 2-1 and it was like that going into the ice clean. When the Gizzles came out in the second they were flying and scored 4 goals in a row makeing it 4-1 for the Grizzlies but just before the second period was over Victoria scored a weak one makeing it 4-2.The Grizzles went into the ice clean on top and then came back out on top scoreing another 6 goals to take the victory 10-3 the next thing for the Grizzlies is when they open up to 2007-08 playoffs against Sannich


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