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The Great Turkey Shootout 7 Football Tournament




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  • Welcome to the new home of the The Great Turkey Shootout Tournament
  • This page is currently under construction. Please check back as new information will be added soon.
  • It\\\'s back the annual Thanksgiving weekend tournament which has been played in snow rain and cold weather is back but indoors.
  • 7 on 7 all players live flag football tournament.
  • 15 player roster limit..
Countdown to Thanksgiving weekend
(Nov 28/24)
Posted Dec 26/22 - Team sign up starting for Turkey Shootout 10

Team sign up start october 20th and will end november 20th 2024 cost for entering the tournament will be $750.00 per team cash or money order only. That breaksdown to $50.00 x 15 players.


Posted May 6/20 - 2021 The Return

The return of The Great Turkey Shootout coming in 2021,more news to come soon. May you and your families stay safe and clear of the Covid 19 Virus during this challenging time. See you in 2021.

Posted Apr 25/17 - New Format

The 2017 tournament features a faster game all preliminary games will consist of 20 minutes on a indoor 50 yards playing field, and the team limit is now 12, and roster limits are 15 per team .

The only game longer will be the championship game it will have two 20 minute halves ,this change should give lessor talented teams the opportunity to knockoff a more talented team if they are not clicking as a unit, this gives every team a chance to get to the championship game which is why they signup .

Also rules are adjusted whereas the receivers will be allowed to motion towards the line of scrimmage, similar to indoor football this will open up the scoring opportunities.

More information shortly about signup dates and location and media day leading up to tournament.

Posted Oct 14/12 - One player profile

Lawrence (Hollywood) Lynch one of the most exiciting players to ever play at the semi pro/minor level in DFW he is legendary in the full contact game and once was the most dominating offensive player in the game ,just some background on him in the mid to late 80's teams of the then TFL would battle to sign him to their roster.

He played for the Cowtown Cowboys who at the time was the team to beat in the TFL he was capable of scoring from anywhere on the field which was why teams wanted his services, he played flanker and would spend his off season playing flag football and was a member of the Fort Worth Vikings,and won MVP honors of the Turkey Shootout in the Vikings first tournament run he caught 6 touchdowns and had to be double covered, which was a mistake by every team they faced because the Vikings had other players who were just as good.

He played contact football well into his 40's and could still get to the end zone,he is an asst.coach in the public school system today.

Posted Oct 12/12 - Tournament Information

Click on (Handouts) to get information on signing your team up....

Blocking allowed,No stiff arm,No below the waist blocking,Two 20 minute halves running game clock,No defensive pass rush, Quarterback has 3 seconds to pass the ball or considered a sack, Can play zone or combination of coverages on defense. automatic 7 points for touchdown unless attempting 2 point conversion,Each team allowed 2 timeouts per half.

Rules of the shootout are simple we want a fast paced action filled game with the possibility of the best team not being able to win the game giving every team a possibilty of winning the tournament if they play as a team .

All past champions share one common bond they were able to win as a team....


Welcome to the The Great Turkey Shootout flag football Tournament 


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