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League Ticker:
  • Welcome to the new home of the BIG12 Womens Football League.
  • The BIG12 is based in Tampa and is a non profit organization.
  • The BIG12 Football League is currently accepting applications for the upcoming season.
  • BIG12, 5106 w,richardson ave Tampa, Fl. 33616 (813-831-7990
Countdown to Jamboree Classic @ Skyway sports complex
(Dec 15/12)

Posted Feb 9/12 - League Meeting
The big12 womens flag football league meeting will be march,10 6pm at the SW,REC center Location:6203 South Martindale Avenue Tampa, FL 33611


Now is your chance to become a member of The Big 12 Womens Flag Football League!!!

Come join the region’s most competitive adult flag football league! Register your team now,Team fees are $250.00 this must be paid befor a team can be added to the schdeule.League play starts march,10 2012 Teams will play 10-12 regular season games (depending on there record) and in most cases, the top six teams will quality for the playoffs. Playoffs will be single elimination. The champion will receive a $600.00 cash prize championship trophies and Free team entry fee for the 2013 season. All games will be played on saturday at skyview park Location:6203 South Martindale Avenue Tampa, FL 33611 ... FOR MORE INFO call 813 -531 -1981 The following oppurnities are available: *Concession workers * Reff crew * Public relations team *Experienced game announcer Team Entry Each team must be registered by a team captain or a coach who will be responsible for league administrative information, coordinating payment of officials and adherence of team members to leagues rules and policies. General Rules of Play Each game will consist of teo, 20-minute running clock halfs. The clock will stop during the last two minutes of the game. Halftime and pre-game warm-ups will be three minutes. Games will be officiated by trained referees.Rules apply in every situation and game. Scorekeepers will be provided by home teams. each team will receive two time outs per game. Overtime is five minutes long with a “stopped clock” in the last two minutes. Each team receives one additional time out in overtime. Teams must have jerseys of matching colors with numbers on the back! No number, no play! Conduct Rules -absolutely no alcohol on premises, Participant who participate under the influence of alcohol will be ejected. -No rude or vulgar behavior, 1 warning -No swearing, 1 warning -Absolutely no fighting, Anyone fighting will automatically be ejected with there team. -No arguing with officials, 1 warning -No flagrant or intentional fouls, If you receive more than 1 you will be ejected from tournament -Spectators are subject to all rules * Please note that official has absolute authority to remove a player or team for any reason that they deem necessary * Players will be given 1 warning, after the first warning player and team will be ejected from tournament with no refund

The Big12 will be a “League That Delivers” because of our owner’s commitment to excellence and now we want to give you the opportunity to be a part of these great men and women. Out off all the benefits the Big12 has to offer, our biggest and most priceless benefit is our owners. You can’t put a price on owners who are committed to playing every game, home and away. You want owners to show up at your game looking good and representing you and the league in the highest manner.

Another great asset is our Officials Association, the ( Big12 ) Referee Association (ABRA). The FFARA is an important part of our league. The Benefit of having our own association allows us to schedule, maintain and train our officials. Our Officials have a representative that sits on the Executive Board and is a part of the decision making process of the league. The result is a comprehensive working and family relationship between the Owners and the ABRA. This relationship is unmatched and is a benefit we can’t even put a price on. If you have a great organization or if you think you can build one and you would like to be a part of a league that will be loaded with great organizations, now is the time. The Big12, has opened its registration and is now accepting applications for teams who want to join “The league that puts the teams first”. The Big12 will have the competition, the leadership and the respect that every team in Football is looking for. Don’t get left behind apply now!!!


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