Jun 7/23
11:53 pm

Eyebrow Recreational Hockey League




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  • Welcome to the home of the ERHL
  • Rosemary Cups: Eskimos=3, Blazers=2, Puck Hogs=0
  • Captains: 3 Sign ups: 30 Have a great Season!
  • If anyone has a color preference for any ERHL merchandice they can let me know 759-2185
Countdown to ERHL Finals
(Jan 27/09)

ERHL Returning this Winter 2022

Good news sports fans! ERHL will return to Eyebrow this winter. Season starts Sunday January 2nd, 2022


Puck Hogs take first franchise Rosemary
A night the Puck Hogs wont soon forget. With a full roster, enough to run out of jerseys, they stole a third consecutive Rosemary from the Blazers. Well, what was left of the Rosemary. With freezing cold temperatures the plastic snapped under preassure. Nothing that can't be fixed but like all great trophies, they break at least once. The Blazers were looking for a full underdog comeback after their remarkable comeback last week. The first period proved to be fruitful for both teams with 5 coming from the Puck Hogs end and the Blazers were able to keep the game relatively close. With the first period complete the Puck Hogs led by a less than comfortable lead. 5-3 would not be good enough but the defense took over for both teams in the 2nd half. Only 2 goals from each side with Puck Hogs goaltender Kelly Smith standing on his head and the Blazers D-men playing a full shutdown strategy. Alex Cave would score the eventual game clinching goal late in the period. Even with the oncoming furry from Blazer offenceman the Puck Hogs held their ground and pulled off the history making win in season 6 of the ERHL dynasty. 7-5 Puck Hogs Final score in 2008/2009 Final over Blazers.


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