Dec 2/23
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The Donkeys




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  • Donkeys Hockey DHL Champions 2002-2003, 2003-2004, 2004-2005
  • Donkeys just too much for Bandits to handle
  • Donkeys proudly wear the road Blues
  • Fathead not man enough to face Reg
  • Semi-finals a breeze for Blue and Gold
Player of the game:
(Mar 22/06)
Trevor Alto

The kid put on a beauty of a performance this series, collecting 6 points in two games but more importantly he completely owned the Bandits top defensive pairing. Alto mind-fucked those two so bad that they did know whether to play or run and hide. Atta boy Kid!
Countdown to TBAR Blowout
(Mar 31/06)
Alto Embarrasses Opposition.
The Donkeys cruised through their Semi-Final series with the outmatached Bandits. Despite giving up a goal on the first shot of both games the Donkeys were just too much for the Bandits to handle in this lopsided series. Trevor Alto led the charge as "the Kid" completely owned Bandit Captain and starting defencemen Matt Parker. It was a sick display of complete domination as Alts went inside-out and outside-in repeatedly on this pylon.

The boys in blue and gold completely dominated game one holding the hapless Bandits to just 10 shots in the first two periods...the final score of 8-4 was generous as the Bandits may as well have watched a "How To" DVD on puck control.

Game 2 was not much better for the opposition as the Bandits tried to play head games and came out sporting their new home whites...nice time they may want purchase some skills...or maybe put their money towards power skating the fancy uniforms did nothing to deter the blue machine. Even the presence of a coach...affectionately known as "Fathead" - for his bulbous head - could not stir up anything from this team.

Reg Dunlop sporting a deep gash on his chin that went to the bone had this to say after the game "It was a good battle but it was clear from the beginning tonight that we owned this team both on the ice and inside the helmet...its all about twisting their minds and we did that tonight. We are bad losers but we are worse winners...if you want to chirp with us you better bring your A-list mouth. As for a guy who won't even dress but will sit on the bench and chirp...what can you say about's simply bush and I am not going to get in a pissing match with a skunk."

Although Baerg looked shaky at times in the pipes, he made a few key saves when he needed to including the punctuation mark on the series as he came out to the top of the face off circle with just 10 seconds to go and stopped a shot from the point...he looked more like a player blocking the really put the final nail in their coffin and our boys came out on top again.

The Donks now await the winner of the Rollers and Stones semi-final and look forward to some much needed rest over the next few days.

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