Dec 2/23
7:50 am

Michell Diggers




Team Ticker:
  • Cowichan -see you all there!!!
  • Coach grumpy for unauthorized switches
  • Assisstant caoch throws his two cents in as well....but how many games has he missed???
  • August long weekend-Central Saanich Days
  • has anyone seen Graham??????????????????????????
Player of the month:
(Jul 10/06)
Gord Rogers

This guy has been hiding his comedy act
Countdown to league finals...ok may not
(Aug 26/06)
Wow, halfway through the season and this is the first update...yikes, I'm losing it this year!!!!! Sorry to all of you, I can't believe I had to hear you whine about it before I updated it...but at least I know you read it test has worked! (lol ya, like that was planned...)

Ok, so If all of you read your email tonight, you would have seen that coach has finally gotten waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy to funny for his own good! Suttle hint on the league fee's, did you all pick that up? I'm sure Dharma would like to put the "books" to bed, so get those fees in!

The voting for who is "kicked off the island" so to speak, will be held at Murray and Dionne's on friday. Everybody please bring the tiki torches for full effect. Expect a tie breaker of sorts on this episode as it seems to be leaning towards Bones or hambone...(anyone see a pattern here....) as getting the votes. So what coach? do they have a homerun derby? a bean bag off? how we gonna do this? I don't think they will allow us to see who can build the biggest fire this time of year...
Either way, it's bound to be an exciting time, and someone going home!

Ok, enough babble. Diggers...(thats with a "D") are doing great this year! We lost our first game to the Bandits 5-4...not bad gang, but lets see if we can kick it up a notch eh! And a second loss came against the nastys. Sorry, no idea what the score was...I'm good, but you can't expect me to remember everything...I'll get the billman going on the score board, and get coach motivated on the page as well. Anyway, that's all we've lost this year, and the rest of the games have had a pretty good "plus" and no "minus", so we are looking good!

Friendly reminder to let the "coach" know when you won't be able to make a game....his crystal ball hasn't been up to speed lately!

Don't forget to book off the august long weekend for Cent Saan Days. (I assume we will be claiming lawn space at the rogers again this year????)...unless someone else want's to step up to the plate...pardon the pun haha

And for our third year running...Cowichan for labour day long weekend...I'm impressed guys...better late than never!

Ok, I'm done. If anyone wants to add anything, please let myself, Billy or Gord know.

And or lose, we hit the booze!!


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