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Posted May 13/11 - Predators Reign

On May 30TH 2011 the Chino Hills Predators 15U Team demonstrated that they are in a league all their own in a Pre-Game Organized tournament fittingly titled, "In a League of our own". The tournament started Sat.April 30TH with the Predators easily dispatching the outgunned Anderson Team with solid pitching from Anthony Yiatras , Enoch Kim, and Nate Flanders. Hitting was exceptional with the Predators winning easily 9-1. The 2ND game was the match-up that basically was the championship. The Predators faced a formidable foe in the So Cal Devils. The Devils jumped out to a 6-1 Lead before the Predators regained their poise and tied the game 6-6. The Predators had the go-ahead run at 3RD but couldn't get the run in. The game concluded with the tie. Sunday began with once again squaring off against the Devils but this time Coach Anthony decided that he would use the Big Man Anthony to help the team get to the Ship and the big man did not disapoint. Behind superb pitching and great hitting the Predators dismantled the Devils. Against a solid opponent the Predators displayed solid skills and maturity to overcome. In the championship game the Predators faced a lessor talented team in the Centurians however what they lacked in talent, they made up in baseball smarts and discipline. However, great pitching by Daniel Flores prove to be too much for the Centurians to overcome. Enoch Kim came in to close the game and the Predators walked away with a 5-1 Win and there 1ST Championship in organization history. This was a special moment for Anthony Sr.and Jr.as well as Coach Quincy who has labored for months to help the team through trials. Anthony Sr.and Jr.have seen almost a complete turnover of players since the Predators inception with the exception of the real O.P. Victor Sarmiento who was not at the tournament. As a manager and coach, as I write this now I feel a feeling of crying for joy regarding the caliber of players and parents involved with this team. I can only say that you parents must be angels because your sons are angels. They are a true blessing to the Predators, each other, to you, and the world. I have a profound love for these guys and I can say that I will never forget them. They've accomplished this championship because they deserve it. and this is the beginning of great things for all of them. God Bless and keep them always.  

9/1/11 Hello and thank you to all the players and their families. We know there are lots of places a player can play ball these days but unfortunately not all of these places have your players best interest at hand. To make it short, the Predators always have and always will dedicate themselves to the best interest of the player. All we ask is for families to return that loyalty to us. On to the baseball info. Another aspect that makes the Predator an Elite Travel Org.is the Knowledge and Expertise of our Coaching Staff. From a Certified Pitching Coach to coaches with years of valuable baseball knowledge. This is coaching of the highest professionalism. All this knowledge and expertise are free to Predator Players. Regarding Uniform and Tournament Info. Parents will be responsible to provide the players with red socks/sleeves/belt. The jersey and hat will be purchased from me. Cost of the jersey/hat will be $70. Parents will also need to pay $15 for AAU Insurance which can be used at any event and pays out 10 Million per injury. So $85 is due now. On to tournaments/league play. We've opted to go with Premier baseball. Reason- Maximum Exposure for the player. These players are 15-16 now and college/pro scouts need to be seeing these players in the top showcase events and playing against the best in the country. Premier events on the horizon are the Firecracker Tournament National Showcase July 1-July 6 and Premier's Summer League which starts the 1ST weekend of June. Player Tournament fee is $100 which can drop if more than 9 participate. Each player must deposit $50 for the tournament. This deposit is Non-Refundable so make sure your player can attend. The per player Summer League Fee at present will be $300/Player which will more than likely drop to $250. A $150 deposit must be rendered asap. If player needs to cancel, team will keep $50 as cancellation fee. $100 will be returned. Why so expensive for Premier? Like anything good, it has a price. Im sure many of the scouts/college coaches are getting something out of this. Also all winning teams advance to other events paid for by Premier. They pick up the tab for everything. All the families have to pick up is the food. So thats a deal. We can all play down the street and be seen by no one or we can pay a little more and play the best teams and receive much needed exposure. I know it puts a strain on each family to enter their player in these events. My only advice is look at your budget and see what can be eliminated. Because you can trust me when I say that this is worth it. I do have plans for attaining Sponsorships and will render aide to players who need it but please do not abuse it. Any parent who wants to give a Tax deductible donation please see me. For more info.call Anthony at 909-632-6567. Thanks again.


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