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2014 CBSA American Silver Champions

2014 STL West Red Champions

2013 STL West White Tournament Champions

2012 CBSA American Silver Champions

2013 CBSA American Silver 2nd Place

2014 CBSA Jay Davis Tournament 2nd Place

2013 STL West White 3rd Place

  2014 SEASON W L T Win%
1st CBSA: American Silver Division 10 2 0 .833
1st STL West: Red Division 10 2 0 .833
  STL West: Preseason Tournament 2 2 0 .500
2nd CBSA: American Tournament 3 1 0 .750
  Lenz Field Tournament 0 3 0 .000
  2014 TOTALS 25 10 0 .714
  2013 SEASON W L T Win%
2nd CBSA: American Silver Division 9 3 0 .750
3rd STL West: White West Division 8 4 0 .667
1st STL West: Preseason Tournament 3 1 1 .700
  2013 TOTALS 20 8 1 .707
  2012 SEASON W L T Win%
1st CBSA: American Silver Division 9 3 0 .750
  2012 TOTALS 9 3 0 .750
  2011 SEASON W L T Win%
4th CBSA: American Silver Division 4 8 0 .333
  CBSA: June Tournament 0 2 1 .167
  2011 TOTALS 4 10 1 .300
  CBSA Leagues 32 16 0 .667
  STL West Leagues 18 6 0 .750
  Tournaments 8 9 2 .474
  GRAND TOTALS 58 31 2 .648

Game/Player stats have been added. I track these to help identify areas of improvement, and to give the boys some goals to set for themselves. I've been doing this for my older son's select team for years, and it helps to motivate the boys while also helping to target areas that need work.  It also helps to objectively set a lineup to optimize our chance to win in an important game (such as a tournament playoff game or key league game). 

However, I don't want for this to be a discouragement for the boys.  It is important to not get too focused on a single stat like batting average.  At this age, a hitter can still be effective and successful with a low batting average.  For me, the key stat for hitting is OPS, which is ON BASE % plus SLUGGING %.  This measure gives credit to the hitter for reaching base via hit, walk or being hit by pitch.  It also gives additional credit for extra base hits.  In this way, it measures their total performance at the plate.  I also track when a hitter reaches base via a fielding error (ROE - reached on error) or by a fielder's choice (FC).  Although these don't count as hits and won't improve the batting average or OPS, I can still see that the player put the ball in play and reached base.  Often, this results in a RBI or an eventual run scored, which benefits the team.



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