May 31/23
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Team Ticker:
  • GIVE NOTHING... TAKE ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Blood, Sweat and Tears Now... Brings Trophy's, Championships and Tears Later!!!
  • OK Arsenal is #1 in USSSA Points after finishing 2nd- 3rd- 4th- and 1st in 4 tournament played
  • Hunter Collins is leading the pack w/ 98 candle's sold!!!!! Keep up the greattt work! Plus 40 Sonic Cards!!! Whose your DADDY!!!
Player of the week:
(May 5/08)
Andrew Sands

Big Daddy Sands killin the ball with his stick ... and blowin' it by them on the hill. After a rocky start in the month of March he has exploaded in April. Drew is the answer to the Million $ question... Who is going to be the Arsenal's 4 hole? Big Daddy Sands thats who.
Countdown to Kansas City Super NIT
(May 23/08)

Oklahoma Arsenal is an 11 & under competitive ball team out of eastern Oklahoma. The Arsenal is a team of highly motivated young men that love to play the "GAME". Looking at this team player by player, you would not see a single "All-star", but looking at this team game after game you would see an "All-star Team". The Oklahoma Arsenal may not have it all together... but together we have it all.

"My responsibility is to get my 25 guys playing for the name on the front of their uniform and not the one on their back." -Tommy Lasorda

The Oklahoma Arsenal is Looking for Sponsors!
The Arsenals 2008 season will consist of 60 + games. We will play in ballparks all over OKLAHOMA as well as this area of the country. The boys are all exceptional athlete's but they are even better kids. I would take this team to a academic meet and expect the same results as on the field. This team would represent your company with nothing but class. There are 5 levels of sponsorship... Boone Pickens = $2,000, Mickey Mantle = $1,000, Babe Ruth = $500, Hamrin' Hank = $250, Arod = $100. With sponsorship of the Arsenal, your name or logo will be displayed at all of our games, on the team banner and your company will be listed on

"If you are average, stay later and work harder, you can wear down the competition." - T. Boone Pickens
Time to Meet the Arsenal
The OKLAHOMA ARSENAL roster is locked and loaded for the 2008 season. To see all the weapons in the arsenal click on roster. I am excited to get the chance to work with this great group of coachable young men.

"Inside of a ring or out, ain't nothing wrong with going down. It's staying down that's wrong."- Muhammad Ali

"Remember who you are... and who you represent." -John Burris Released their Top 20 11 & Under Teams
1.)Team Rattlers TX, 2.) Chattanooga Chiefs TN, 3.) Lamorinda Baseball CA, 4.)T.A.B.U. CA, 5.)East Cobb Astros GA, 6.)New Orleans Monarchs LA, 7.) Houston Lightning TX, 11.) Texas Prospects Americans TX, 17.) Dairy Queen Busters AR.

"When you win, say nothing, when you lose, say less."- Paul Brown

5 Things that will make You a better ball player.
1.) Be the first player at practice... and the last one to leave.
2.) Look your coaches in the eye and ask questions if in doubt.
3.) Take responsibility the next time you make a mistake. Own up to it! Look your parents, coach, teamates in the eye, apologize and take your punishment like a man! This is Baseball we keep score here this "ain't no soccer site"!
4.)Pick a teammate that may need help. Now... go to them... reach out offer friendship or a kind word! Be the first to build them up when going through a slump.
5.)Have courage, strength, faith, and the confidence that you trained harder, practiced longer, sweat more to prepare yourself for the season.


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