Dec 2/23
6:18 am

Victoria Silver Backs




Team Ticker:
  • Welcome to the new home of the Victoria Silver Backs
  • Next Game for the Silverbacks is against the West-Shore Mudbugs
  • Sheeran will not be moving anywhere
  • Sheeran Promises Championship
Player of the game:
(Apr 17/08)
Logan White

Logan White was named plater of the game because of his big time preformance on opening day of the league
Countdown to SilverBacks Home Game
(Apr 26/08)

                  New Number One Goalie

Cole Henson has offically been named the number one goalie for the Victoria Silverbacks and he will be playing friday night when the Silver backs take on Team Domination

                   MATT SHEERAN IS CUT

D-Man Matt Sheeran was cut from the Sliverbacks this morning after attacking a teammate after Matt promised he would never goon again.. there will be a team meeting about a new player and what happens to Matt Sheeran and his future in the league and this team

- Tim Johnson        Times  Colonist



                   New Goalie Signed

Free Agent Cole Henson has been signed to take over the #1 job for the Victoria Silverbacks while Matt Sheeran is Suspended and Matt will not be returning to the goal becuase he is terrible and a goon and Carrick promises to run his show so Matt wants to prove the world he is number 1 and will not take no for anything so he is going to be the new D man on the Silverbacks and the Captains hope that Cole can bring back the Silverbacks back from that terrible start that Matt Sheeran  was to be blamed for..


Sliver Backs Goalie Matt Sheeran Is sticking around

When we talked to the coaching staff of the Mudbugs they said that they are not intrested in having Matt they feel there team does not need a goon becuase they are off to a good start and they want this start to keep on going and hopefully win a championship


Matt Sheeran Promises Silver Backs Championship

Goalie Matt Sheeran Promises the team that if he were to stick around he will personally take the team to the championship and we will win he had this to say " i promise that the silver backs win win and take home the first championship of this league and will take all responsiblity if the team doesn't make it to the post season

          Goalie Suspended By The League

For the first time ever the SRHL have handed down a suspension to goaltender Matt Sheeran for
his brutal attack on Langford Devils Goalie Lance Doucet. Matt said to the media that Lance is a easy bleeder and that the suspension is bull s**t and both of us should have suspensions. Sheeran returnes from suspension May 3 when the Silverbacks take on the Mudbugs

Silver Backs Dont Get the Start They Want

The Silver Backs feel that they didn't get the start that they wanted to get on saturday when they went 2-1 and lost there hope opener 6-4 to West-Shore. Captain Logan White had this to say, " the team didn't get the start that we wanted but we picked it up and won the second and third games by big numbers. Logan White leads the team with scoreing with 12 goals in 3 games. Silverbacks next game is Saturday when they play the Langford Devils


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