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Venom Fastpitch




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Countdown to Car Wash At Wendy's on 192nd Ave from 9am-4pm
(May 22/11)


     Venom Fastpitch is a new 12U ASA team forming out of Vancouver, WA. 


Posted Aug 5/10 - About the coaches
   I'm Dave Jenkins a father of three and married to a wonderful and patient wife.  I have coached softball for seven years.  I did help my dad coach my brothers when I was growing up and learned a great deal from him.  I know that was baseball, but it is coaching and the two sports are very similar in many aspects.  I enjoy teaching softball.  I spent this last year learning from both of my daughters teams, which are great teams and a great organization.  My youngest daughter decided to play after a year off of softball and to my amazement she grasped on and enjoyed the season, but because of her birth date she needed to move up to the 12u division for this next spring. 
   I was asked  if I would like to coach again, I was stunned.  I hadn't thought of coaching again, but I did miss it.  I have been to clinics with my daughters and I'm the parent who stays and learns with the girls on techniques and ways to teach the girls how to do it.  I know there is many ideas and techniques out there, we'll leave that for another topic later. 
   The main reason I decided to give it a try was because I love the game.  I love seeing the girls grow and learn from what information they get, the teams they play against.  I like to think of my coaching stile positive, encouraging, strict, and enjoying every moment of  the sport.
I did enjoy being dad and letting someone else coach my kids.  Like I said the girls learned a lot and so did I.  I am also a fair coach, fair as in how are girls going to learn how to play a position if they are not given the chance.  I feel putting someone in a situation where they decide if they are going to succeed or not.  Given that opportunity they tend to blossom into ball players building confidence in themselves and their abilities.  And encourage them not to give up when a call doesn't go your way.  Teach them how to correct themselves, give all they have, and to find the fun side of competitiveness.  Yes I like to win, who doesn't, but if we lose after a well played game I will take it, learn from it, and grow.  There is always a better team out there, and I want to play them.  "Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard"  saw it on a shirt and it stayed with me.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns at team email:  or my own at


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